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  • asj48493 asj48493 Apr 18, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    If You Missed ACI, this Stock is Ready to Breakout and Explode

    The stock that's next to breakout and explode like ACI is Concurrent (CCUR), which has the potential to double within the next couple of weeks. Ericsson (ERIC) just announced they are paying Microsoft (MSFT) nearly $200mm to purchase their Mediaroom multi-screen video software division in order for ERIC to increase their multi-screen reach by 11mm pay-TV households to 16mm. CCUR's MediaHawk multi-screen software is superior to Mediaroom and CCUR has signed multi-screen deals with the #1 pay-TV companies in Germany, the UK, and Japan. These multi-screen clients will give CCUR an initial multi-screen reach of 14.8 million pay-TV subscribers, larger than Mediaroom's reach, which ERIC is paying MSFT almost $200mm for!

    Shockingly, CCUR is receiving no value for its video business at its current share price of only $6.75! CCUR has only 8.72mm shares outstanding and a huge cash position of $24.6mm (no debt). CCUR's current enterprise value is only $34.26mm, which is just 0.52X its annualized revenues of $66.4mm and only 3X its cash flow from operations over the trailing nine months annualized! CCUR's video business, which has also captured the #1 video-on-demand (VOD) market share with a reach of over 50 million households, is receiving no value after subtracting the value of CCUR's Media Data Intelligence (MDI) and real-time businesses from its enterprise value!

    CCUR's MDI business cost CCUR $15mm to acquire and tracks the TV viewing behavior of 35 million pay-TV subscribers across all screens. CCUR's "real-time" ultra high performance computer technology business has annualized revenues of $27.6mm and 4 of the 5 largest defense contractors as clients. It is most likely worth more than $25mm.

    CCUR's video business has annualized revenues of $33.8mm and is receiving zero value, which means CCUR must explode higher. CCUR is extremely profitable and pays a very large dividend. CCUR's EPS doubled the past two quarters straight!