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  • triadstocks triadstocks Jun 30, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Message boards same as always

    Been investing and trading since 1980. Long before the Net and in the 90s came the Net with Yahoo and Excite as the two big ones and message boards so I would take a look once in a while at the insanity that was being posted about stocks and nothing has changed in 20 years. People post on a message board about a stock they have no interest in and same odd thing.

    As for reality; ACI is one of the best values in the entire stock market. Coal is about to turn around, proof of global cooling that started March of this year is out since warming and cooling are only 30 year events and humans have little to zero effect on climate so that variable is out. Any tax in the States has to pass Congress since only Congress can raise or lower taxes and if a coal tax take place, it means nothing since 70% of the coal use is in Asia and only a tiny fraction in the States. The States is a tiny nation and very tiny when it comes to this so ACI will be selling to China and other nations. Tax variable is out.

    ACI has plenty of cash to continue going for the next five years at least so there is no bankruptcy coming for ACI, ANR or BTU so any talk about something like that is dumb. I bought this one way back in last downturn for under $3 and hope it goes there again this summer because this will be the last time for lower prices with November being the turnaround month and up from there and one of the coldest winters in recorded history to come just like this past spring was a record breaking cold spring and Vegas? It gets hot there in cold or warm phases. Back in the end of the last cold phase late 70s, Vegas was breaking records as always for heat so we can remove all the bull variables.

    Bottom line is we have a stock that is trading not only below book but also cash per share and only an inexperienced investor or trader would not be buying and then just forgetting about the stock other than maybe to average down if bottom has not been hit and hold and sell at $40 or so. JMO

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    • Though you have been around and investing for 30 years it looks like you just created this yahoo account to extol the virtues of ACI.

      You know then the futility then of trying to convince people to buy #$%$.

      If ACI is going to drop more, then it will drop more regardless of the cheer leading.

      Monday, China numbers will be out.

      If any more coal companies will go bankrupt, JRCC, ACI and WLT are my candidates.

    • Good post. Any BK talk is ridiculous. There are significant prepay penalties on some of the debt so company is doing the right thing by now having $1.7 billion in working capital and having maximum flexibility.

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