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  • brawn412 brawn412 Sep 9, 2013 5:32 AM Flag

    Global Warming = Hoax

    And now it's global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a yearAlmost a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012
    BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013
    Publication of UN climate change report suggesting global warming caused by humans pushed back to later this month

    It is not that global warming has stopped. It is that global warming never happened. Not even for one second. Complete fraud.

    The worrisome thing is that we have Obama/Kerry with their heads in the sand. Unable to accept that the only thing man made in global warming is a man made hoax. And these two morons want us to join Al Qaeda in a war against Syria. Not surprsing considering that Obama/Kerry are morons. However, Obama/Kerry have lost all credibility. We have listened to these two nitwits for the last time.

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    • The UK Daily Mail piece is not a serious article. The author is not a science writer, and usually writes softball pieces on the royal brats and such. She neglects to underscore that the two scientists it quotes are in the profound minority. Even if these two contrarians are correct, the article is disingenuous at best, and at worst, the kind of advocacy that disguises itself as expert opinion, in other words, the kind of propaganda one often gets in the mainstream press on countless issues that affect global capital. But for those who have studied the actual science, not the armchair science, or the cherry-picked industry science, there is increasingly less doubt about mandmade global warming. One need only go to the annual geophysical conference. There one will see thousands of serious, sober scientists, even extremely conservative ones, who have put aside their own personal wishes, and studied the countless variables with as much objectivity as one must have in scrupulously peer-reviewed work. They have worked for decades to isolate the etiology of the warming trend, and slowly, and not all at once, they have come to an extremely solid scientific conclusion about the negative role of industry in rapid climate change. And yes, Al Gore is a twit, John Kerry is a twit, Obama is a twit, just as the Republican representatives are twits. And yes, they are all representatives not of the people, but of interest groups, with a few honorable exceptions. But go to the damned geophysical conference, bring your iPad and some strong coffee, and takes notes. You will at least walk away with a more educated understanding than you will get either from these softball articles or from ideologues on either side of the aisle in Washington.

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      • This gets funnier and funnier. the climate change hucksters are seeing their false forecasts being tossed into the same waste basket as the Y2000 computer meltdown hucksters and the 2012 Mayan end of the world scenario.

        First these climate change hucksters will cling to argument that there is climate change but ityis not happening as rapidly as their flawed computer models predicted. Then they will argue that climate change is happening but aliens are stealing all the excess heat.

        Finally they will admit, as they are suffering from terminal frostbite, that climate change was an unfortunate hoax but, guess what, now we need to confront global cooling which is much worse than global warming.

    • Sun spot activity is very correlated to El Nino (warming of Pacific ocean off central America). High energy sun spots cause a lot of global temperature variation. We have had a peak in sun spots and so you should expect an El Nino that causes big winter storms in the pacific, rain in California, and drought across the Southeastern US. The point is that man-made global warming is a very slow linear process, as greenhouse gases accumulate. But we are seeing huge variations in regional global temperatures now (sun related). Follow the money, greenies want more money for their cause and their science cannot explain the wide variations. governments always want to grow in regulations and size. It's all pure BS. Morale of the story, invest in the trend and not the experts.

    • Al Gore made a lot of money off of the misunderstanding and bought an oceanfront estate with the money.

    • I just did a small amount of research and read the 'Daily Mail' article. No denying the pictures of the Artic Ice cap size this early in the season. CO2 % in the atmosphere will now have to be re-programmed into the models because it has a much smaller effect on true climate change than previously thought.

      Amazing how much we think we know about our little rock ... versus how much we really know.


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      • Yes, find there few data points that contradict your argument and ignore the mountain of evidence and the 97% of climate scientists that think global warming is real so you can make more money.

      • You are absolutely correct. The problem with global warming computer models is that they overestimated the effect of C02 on climate.

        The physics department at Princeton University has consistently said that C02 has a negligible effect on climate and, whats more, the effect of C02 on climate decreases as C02 increases. At the end of the day, they concluded that C02 has a minimal or negligible effect on climate. Probably explains why the computer generated forecasts of climate change have failed miserably and explains why the much higher C02 levels we have had in the past did not affect climate very much.

      • I did want to add I don't think it was a hoax at all. It still is (and was) a fundamental misunderstanding in how to apply statistical models over varying lengths of time. Short term predictive models are ALWAYS problematic during long term trends. We see it here 'Coal Super Cycle' with short term usage drop and demand (aka, warmer than expected winters for a few years).

        It doesn't help when you start with hyothesis that you actually want to come true.


    • you got it right brawn, losers in the white house, and never was global warming caused by man

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      • There is a humorous story that goes along with the above observation that global warming is a hoax. Humerous, that is, unless you are one of the nitwits involved.

        13 boat owners believed the nonsense that the Artic would be ice-free by summer of 2013. You guessed it. They are ice bound some where in the northwest Passage with zero hope of escaping. And this is only September.

        The Northwest Passage has been intermittedly passable since Cabot tried to use it in 1503. But not now. You see, we are entering global cooling.