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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Sep 23, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Climate Scientists Scammed the World by Deliberately Ignoring the Biggest Greenhouse Gas

    Climate Scientists Scammed the World by Deliberately Ignoring the Biggest Greenhouse Gas.

    It is obvious and known science that the biggest contributing greenhouse gas, by a huge margin, is NOT carbon dioxide, but H2O, water vapor. Of course they will look like complete baloney if they declare water as pollutant and outlaw the emission of water vapor.

    But water is by far the largest contributor of green house effect. No one can dispute that. In a cloudy day you feel a bit warmer, and in the morning the temperature does not drop enough to form fog. If you see heavy fog in the morning you can bet safely that the night had been cooler because there was no cloud, and thus it's going to be a very sunny day once the morning fog breaks.

    There may be 390 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But in a typical day, when the temperature is a comfortable 75F, humidity is 75%, the water vapor contributes to 17 mmHg of pressure out of 760mmHg of atmospheric pressure. That means there is 22400 parts per million water vapor in the atmosphere, versus 390 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Water vapor is 57 times more abundant than CO2 in the atmosphere, and contributes much more than CO2 in global warming.

    Not only water is the biggest contributing gas in the family of green house gases, it is also the BIGGEST variation in all, by far, as humidity can change drastically from one day to another. Comparatively, the variation of CO2 from 310 ppm to 390 ppm in a hundred year, is NOTHING.

    In the global warming theory, there is a doubling rule. When the amount of TOTAL contributions of all greenhouse gas doubles, the temperature raises a certain amount, like 1°C to 3°C. If the total contribution doubles again, the temperature rises another 1°C or 3°C. Exactly how much the temperature will rise due to each doubling of ALL greenhouse gases, is still un-clear. But the doubling rule is well established and un-disputed. Will CO2 increase enough to double the TOTAL?

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    • Check out this Yahoo answer:

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      • There is a physics law called Beer's law that basically states that every time you double the concentration of a gas it will absorb the same amount IR light in this case as the previous doubling. It is logarithmic.

        For example warming is the same going from a concentration of 2parts/volume to 4p/v as it is going from 4p/v to 8p/v or 8 to 16.

        "The law states that there is a logarithmic dependence between the transmission (or transmissivity), T, of light through a substance and the product of the absorption coefficient of the substance, α, and the distance the light travels through the material "


        Venus has approximately 90 times as much atmosphere as the Earth. Their concentration is something like 95% CO2 compared to the Earth which is 0.03%(pre-industrial). That equates to 285,000 times as much CO2 in their atmosphere as Earth. That must make them hot as an oven if you listen to alarmists, right? Wrong. Don't believe the alarmist that distort the science. In fact that is only responsible for about 18 degrees C of addition warming. There is about a single degree of warming for every doubling of the concentration of the CO2. 2 raised to about the 18th power is equal to the how many times more gas on earth you would need to equal Venus. You would have to double the concentration of the earth's CO2 18 consecutive times to equal Venus. There is no amplification from water so the heating from increased CO2 is only one degree per doubling or 18 degrees.

        Global warming alarmists typically include positive feedback from water vapor. That assumes that the earth's climate is unstable which is patently ridiculous since it has been warmer in the past. There is a point where it would be positive or a tipping point but it is very much higher than where we could ever get with CO2 emissions.

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    • Not to mention bovine gas passers and politicians. There IS a difference between democrat and republican politicians. Democrats are liars and crooks. Republicans are crooks and liars.

    • Funny, when you were a big huckster for getting people to buy in to your palladium plays you were a big proponent of how anyone who didn't buy in to your nonsense was 'un patriotic' and evil because they didn't want to reduce emissions and help the global warming issues. You are such a transparent phony, you don't believe in anything, other than trying (100% un successfully) to get people to buy in to your unmitigated nonsense in teh desperate hopes you can drive your share price holdings higher and avoid round 27 of BK and massive losses, such as your other previous forays into your ill timed, ill advised plays in PALL, SWC, EXM, JRCC, PCX, et al. Worst loser of all time, and at the VERY TIME the market overall has soared to new highs, making many of us wealthy! YOu put the capitol "L" in LOSER buffoonboy. Now be a good little mindless shill and thumb down my post.

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      • Funny! I have always believed that cold fusion is the only hope we have that humanity can continue to have a bright future after fossil fuels are depleted. I continue to hold a significant chunk of SWC and believe that once cold fusion gets commercial success and wide adoption, palladium will be a gigantic lifetime investment opportunity that I can not afford to miss.

        Any one visiting the lenr-canr dot Org site knows that the research is picking up heat. And isn't it true that palladium has gone from being priced at less that 1/5 of gold in early 2009, to now well above HALF of gold price today? It may go to ten times gold price before this decade is over. So NO, I have never abandoned palladium investment and SWC, I just put more on coal recently.

        I am all for alternative energy and I always believe that depletion of all of fossil fuels, including coal, is nearer than most people think. I never propose coal to be a permanent energy source, or propose coal as a permanent investment. But right at this moment, coal is a very very good buy.

        For humanity's sake, we'd better find a good alternative energy solution before we run out of coal. None of the conventional alternative energy, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, works to provide the same scale of energy supply as fossil fuels does. The only thing that can potentially beats all these, and provides us a future energy supply that is virtually unlimited, is palladium catalyzed cold fusion.

        In more quick near term, coal is the best place to put my money to make big profits.

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    • So ask yourself the question, how much does CO2 content need to raise, to leads to the DOUBLING of contributions of ALL greenhouse gases, and thus lead to 3°C global temperature rise?

      Water vapor is 22400 ppm, CO2 is 390 ppm, the total of just these two is 22790 ppm. For this quantity to double, it has to go to 45580. If water remains the same, then we need 23180 parts of CO2, versus current 390 ppm, for the total green house effect to double and global temperature to rise 3°C. So we have to have 59 times higher CO2 content, we have to see it go from 390 to 23180 ppm, to observe a pathetic rise of 3°C in global temperature.

      Global Warming due to CO2, is nothing but a science HOAX.

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      • Cadmium

        The sad fact is we do not have a clue what affects climate. If we tried everything we could to influenze climate we would fail. We cannot make our climate warmer or colder no matter what we do. We might as well try to change the orbit of Neptune.

        The professor emeritus (holder of the Albert Einstein chair) of the physics department of Princeton University has said that CO2 has no effect on climate.

        We are being held hostage

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