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  • seetheworldsfuture seetheworldsfuture Sep 24, 2013 4:36 PM Flag


    If their investment financing goes through everyone will retreat on their "how bad the company is " post. the problem with their first financial investment finance round was the terms the banks wanted on the line of credit. The banks wanted a crazy deal. so the mine said 'no', and moved on to find a better deal. Its the greedy banks, and the regulations from our current administration that is hurting this industry. Solar, and wind are fine, but until you understand them you havent done the proper DD. I've seen the solar fields, and wind farms in California, and i can tell you they are subsidized big time... The wind mills make electricity, but the electronics and machinery that run the mills runs negative most of the time. This is the biggest misconception from wind farms. Solar farms have issues about getting onto the grid because of the enviromentalists not wanting wires, and/or towers (paid for by utility companies to slow down deregulation, and solar ). Yet the big solar farms get huge subsidises from big government, and force the hands of the utility commision.. Its a big red tape circle one hand feeding the other. So as far coal, cheap, reliable, and abundant its a workable commodity that can be cleaned up if they focused on it..What i see is greed taking place with a PR smear campaign on coal. They want an exchange to get rich, if you own an exchange youll never worry about money, how you ask? Look stocks are on an exchange, commodities are on an exchange, Healthcare is going onto an exchange, clean air credits are going onto an exchange. This is how they will get rich, by building exchanges, and charging for the transaction. Its greed with smear campaign tactics. Use the money to clean the tech correctly, and create good jobs. Help these guys get financing, and regulate correctly. MHO