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  • letxequalx03 letxequalx03 Sep 27, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    cadmium buffoonboy wiped out again

    Hey cadmium, since you go 'all in' on margin, in single sector/plays primarily ACI, have your margin calls for today come in yet? Did your 'buy price' get hit again buffoonboy? Is this the 4th year in a row now your breathlessly declared 'super cycle' in coal plays that will soon make you millions on the mere pennies you have left after the 200% losses you took on JRCC and PCX , is going to fail you yet again, even though you were ONE HUNDRED PERCENT certain that those of us making a fortune in the broad market at new highs in diverse holdings are total idiots because we aren't mirroring your insane 'all eggs in one basket on margin' strategy that has handed you year aft6er year of total losses? Worst investor of ALL TIME.