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  • tristrem tristrem Dec 29, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    How long before Greenies blame CO2 for global COOLING?

    Antarctic sea ice is 26% above normal. Is this why the Greenies cleverly changed the name of their ideology from "global warming" to "climate change," so that they could blame CO2 for ANY change to the climate?

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    • Irony?

      Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy:

      "The Russian expedition ship is carrying scientists and passengers led by an Australian climate change professor, but they all may have to wait two more days for one or all three icebreakers to free it"

      Or stupidity they thought they know better than mother nature?


    • climate change isn't a hoax. There is a lot of data and evidence to suggest that man made green house gases are warming the planet and will continue to warm the planet in the future. Yes, morons like you can point out some facts aren't seem discordant with global warming, but the mountain of evidence suggest that the climate will be warmer in the future due to green house gas emissions. So F you

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      • Repubs and some wealthy backers have campaigned very well against global warming issue.

        They harass any journalist or scientist that publishes pro global warming articles. They demand to see their emails, etc.

        They have been on a crusade to push out of office anyone pro global warming.

        All of that big oil money backing this effort is paying off. Since 2009 global warming has dropped as an issue most politicians talk about.

        There was even an Eastern US Repub senator that was pushed out by his own party because he said he felt that if 97% of climatologists believed in global warming then he felt they should be not ignored and that global warming had merit.

        Repubs even backed a poll that sent out postcards to ANYONE with a science degree. I don't know if the recipients were also exclusively repubs. They asked a simple question " do you believe in global warming" They then collected the "no' answers and pushed this in media often as 6,000 scientist disbelieve in global warming. I don't care what a computer or political scientist believes about global warming. J. Goebbels would be proud of the repubs.

        I will stick to the 97% of climatologists. The dumb, self-indulgent repubs can stick with lush limpballs.

        Of course, decades from now, when more damage has been done, repubs will say " I was wrong evidence wan't clear", or "I was wrong, so what, I don't care about my grand children" or thy may say "Repubs were believers all the time".

      • "climate change isn't a hoax" You are 100% correct! The hoax is that it is caused by man.

      • When predictions ,from those who believe that green house gas based climate exists, fail to work out, they go on about how complex it is to model such things and it is a failure of their models and that the basis for belief is still valid. Yet, they will not admit it may be to complex to determine how much mankind contributes to climate change versus what would be considered normal climate change.

    • Amazing how many have fallen for the hoax "man made" global anything. One only has to go to the alps and see the dried glacier beds that dried hundred, if not thousands, of years before the combustion engine and the use of fossil fuels. Truth to many make a no difference.

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