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  • tristrem tristrem Mar 11, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    OK, MercuryBuster might be on to something with CO2 capture

    Just read the website at CO2CaptureProject/dot/org and it actually sounds like it's getting a lot of push from The Powers That Be (both governmental and industry.) Mercury might be right - if CO2 capture technology can be done at a reasonable price, coal might have a renaissance.

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    • Ask Southern Company if it can be done at a reasonable price. Their Mississippi plant was supposed to be opened already and is massively over budget. With all due respect to those who truly believe in this climate change propaganda, capturing CO2 is robbing nature of its air supply. We spent 50 years at sustained, higher than normal solar activity. What did you think was going to happen? The earth is supposed to stay the same temp? Well... IT HAS!!!!! for the last 17 years after it hit max temp from the sun. I know all you climate freaks think I'm crazy.... I am...honest to God... trying to help. This climate issue has to be the biggest distraction of production of all time. It has misdirected resources, fed thieves, polluted the minds of countless, left multitudes jobless,.... AND ITS ALL IN VAIN. Nature will prove to be the most powerful source of energy to govern climate and weather.

      The overall goal for the movement has been achieved. Coal is pummeled. ARE YOU HAPPY? There is NOTHING in coal that is not in your topsoil. God forbid you go in our backyard and garden without a permit from the EP f'in A.

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      • dr vv, that's old, very expensive technology that doesn't have a chance with retro-fitting our existing fleet of coal-fired power plants. The reasons that Southern company is going with it is (1) it's right next door to a very large soft coal deposit so there is no coal transportation cost and (2) subsidies from the manufacturer and the State. The first one always costs an arm and a leg. Future copies will be built at half the cost.

        The next generation of co2 capture technology will be commercial in probably 5 or 6 years and will take a decade to retro-fit our existing coal fleet. It will be a a price point that makes it economical once the co2 is sold for EOR.

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