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  • keyes_fred keyes_fred May 22, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    Years of Living Dangerously

    How interesting to learn from this new TV show (Sundays, Showtime) that cheap, clean natural gas isn't as clean as it's been played up to be. The exploding production of fracked natural gas is apparently causing far worse greenhouse gas pollution than coal or oil ever did. The science is emerging on this topic, but if there's any truth to it there will need to be some backtracking to older forms of energy.

    The Koch brothers must be getting tired fighting the science they would like to ignore.

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    • And sometimes Big Coal is its own worst enemy: Google "A bogus claim that electricity prices will ‘nearly double’ because of clean coal technology"

    • You guys don't get it. The Greenies have targeted CO2 as the culprit! With all the methane being released into the atmosphere from fracking, the climate may warm up, and the Greenies will simply say, "See? We TOLD YOU! It's that evil CO2!!"

    • Indeed.

      This has been outlined on this board many, many times. 25x GWP of CO2 over 100 years; higher for 25 years, no measurement or regulation at fracking sites (see Tioga county, PA stories ... where I own mineral rights), measured release at ~3 trillion cubic feet into the atmosphere each year around the globe, 4% loss between utility and consumer, explosions in St. Louis monthly, New York and other places, etc., etc., etc.

      It makes sense, how does our biosphere process CO2? We have a natural ecosystem for that, consumers and producers. How does our biosphere process methane? Ooops, only producers!

      However, thermal is not Arch's problem right now, Met sales are.