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  • deutschlehrer deutschlehrer Aug 3, 1998 2:42 PM Flag

    What's happening?

    Does anyone have any insight (besides general market downturn)
    into/about what is happening to ACI's stock price? Am I overlooking something? Thanks for any assistance.

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    • Yeh, We're dead. Just like this

      Employees that have been tossed aside for "growth" die for

      Ashland Oil----Ashland----Marathon----whatever, doesn't
      give a shit about employees, or the normal common
      stockholders for that matter (in my opinion).

      respect to another poster's message, I believe that the
      financial advisors of ARCH know axactly what the're doing!
      Is it in the best inerest of the common
      shareholders......I don't know. Is it in the best interest of the
      preferred stockholders... maybe.

    • it looks like some of you are trying to stir up a conversation
      i'm curious what you guys are getting at
      this is interesting please continue, its been dead for a long time

    • No Response from Pat.....When is Arch going to
      get some real financial leadership?

      I think
      its Eastern time, or Massey time, or anyplace else
      time for either Pat or for everyone else that hasn't
      already gone anyplace else to get away from the
      self-centered, self-aggrandizing,and self-inflicted
      self-destruction style of financial leadership that Arch presently

    • Dear askin_you_pat:

      Yes, there are dozens,
      if not hundreds that visit this site 2 or 3 times a
      week, if not more. I've talked to a few former ACI
      employees who are interested in Arch. I must say there are
      some 'sour grapes' in the lot and they don't hesitate
      to give their opinions on the company.

      I have
      held shares of Arch stock for some time, so I'm not
      surprised by a $14-$30 swing in price. Luckilly, I sold
      most of mine at $30 earlier this year. I can't
      complain about that.

      If someone would give $25 for
      my remaining shares now, I'd take it in a heartbeat.
      I may call by broker


    • Dear Will_I_Have_A_Job:

      Will you have a
      job a year from now? If you're associated with the
      old Ashland Coal group and still work in Ky. or
      WV.-------no, you probably won't.

      Oh yea, you guys who
      post those detailed analytical notes on this board
      about the company's future.....well, if you're not on
      the Arch payroll doing that for promotional purposes,
      you need to get a life! NO ONE is going to give you,
      or expect to receive, any significant info about the
      company on this chat box.


    • Is anyone reading this or going to respond? Two
      of us have ask some thought provoking questions and
      no one in the world of internet seems interested. Is
      anyone else at Arch interested enough to comment?

    • I did not recieve a response and neither did the neutered questionner. Is any one reading this? If you are, are you capable of responding?

    • With the recent aquisiton of ARCO Coal's assets
      for more than 1.4 billion the company is highly
      leveraged. Add soft energy prices and the market downturn -
      the recipe is not good for the short term. ACI may
      have had some losses associated with the merger with
      Ashland last year. With all the aquisitions and mergers
      over the last two years, ACI is now having some
      "growing pains". Even they though posted a great quarter
      it will take a few more before market sentiment
      turns around. That may be a hard trick to pull off in
      the current coal market. The heat wave in TEXAS
      ceratainly doesn't hurt. As the ARCO properties are heavily
      (> 30% as higher priced contracts) dependant on
      Texas utility usage.
      Next 6 months will be the tale
      of the tape on this one. I believe in the long run
      (1-3 years) you will see some real ROI. they have an
      aggressive management and marketing team that is dedicated
      to low cost production. Hope this helps

      • 2 Replies to u1c04595
      • What are the risks that those above market coal
        contracts are renegotiated or when do these contracts

        What impact would this have on ACI

        How long will it take to pay down debt to a
        reasonable level?

      • I appreciate your thorough and incisive analysis.
        Many thanks. I have held ACI for more than five years,
        so I certainly can hold a few more years. When the
        last merger was completed earlier in the year, I
        recall the stock hitting 30, so there was some euphoria
        on the Street.

        What do you believe we can
        expect from the aggressive management besides dedication
        to low-cost production? More mergers? Something
        tangible for the stockholders, like a dividend increase or
        repurchase of shares? Of course, those are probably out of
        the question if the company is so highly leveraged.

        Again, thanks for responding.