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  • charles_p_olson charles_p_olson Aug 24, 2014 7:54 AM Flag

    New Pipelines

    I was talking with the head of sales at VAPE and was told that they have a licensing agreement that will soon allow them to open up a facility in CO in order to produce extract. Also they are thinking of starting to develop a vaperizor pen! Very exciting

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    • So then insiders at VAPE shared information with you that is not otherwise available to the investing public, and you are using that information to make trading decisions? Cool. Lucky you, to get privileged information that the rest of us can't get until the 8Ks are filed. Thank you for sharing that with us, "Charles". I think I will wait until information is public before I make any trades, but you go ahead and do your thing.

    • Not sure why my earlier post didn't take; YahooF. can be fickle!
      "I was talking with the head of sales at VAPE and was told..."
      Did you speak with the "head of sales" on the phone or at a neighborhood barbecue?
      I have to assume that whatever you were "told" is PUBLIC information, right?
      Or should vape make a filing?

    • So lets review - VAPE is a party to a licensing agreement, with an unspecified second party, and this vaguely described "agreement" will allow them (at some unspecified time in the future) , to be able to do something that they have no proven ability to do, or track record of doing. Oh, and also…WOO HOOO….a sales rep at VAPE is "thinking about" something. Wow….big news

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