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  • jpeebrasier jpeebrasier Aug 20, 2014 3:47 PM Flag

    Mike Flameico

    Hey Mike...How's that short working out for you ? If I remember correctly, you shorted at $2.13...You now
    have a horrifying loss in progress and we're now witnessing an inverted candlestick formation
    with no Fibonacci retracements which could have BBLU spiraling up to the $15 to $20 level
    within weeks. This is all based upon my use of Static flagmented Elliot Waves with an increasing
    candlestick volume pattern. If I'm reading the signs correctly, this could be the perfect storm to send Mike
    Flameico into bankruptcy...You should all do your own Due Dilligence....I just wouldn't use Mike's research material since he is now experiencing severe losses and now reaping the whirlwind of his own stupidity
    and negativity...Signed....THE MARKET SAGE...

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    • What makes Mike so charming is his delightful combination of arrogance and middle-school wit. There's no need to be the slightest bit humble in the face of the stock market's vagaries when you have access to Math®, which, in Mike's world, allows you to siphon money from the accounts of sukkas with no possibility of a loss. I'm not sure why he bothered coming around here recently if he really did cover, aside from his desire to regale us with his infantile barbs. On the other hand, I'm not sure why he covered if his Math® continues to indicate that the stock price is heading south.

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      • 1 Reply to rayboneor


        anyone can work, read my posts, see how often ive been wrong

        for years i have studied a guy who died in 1955, the greatest stock market genius ever, WD Gann

        google him, study for the next 3 to 5 years, deep study, u wont be so ignorant n your assesment of me

        your stupid

        ive done the work and now it works for me

        im studying now, doing Master Time Factor work

        these are my breaks from it

        i dont have to work anymore...

        THANK U MR GANN!!!!!!!!!

        PS: If im soo irrelevant, why areu mopes here renting space in your heads over me???


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