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  • HoweirdHughs HoweirdHughs Feb 21, 2004 5:51 PM Flag

    RRL 2001, Why, Why, Why?

    You were doing so good up until your ignoramus statements about bushees. I know you gays hate Bush, but polotics aside do you really feel like it is a bad idea to expedite new life saving drugs through the approval process? The new management structure is trying to be different the the heavy red tape laden FDA of the past. But since you are gay that makes you a liberal, so you need all that tape so you and your family can exist on that government cheeze.
    Don't worry, because in 2008 you can help your hero Hillary Clinton run for president so she can fix everything. I'll pray for yor enlightenment friend, Howie

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    • type of thoughts...these Liberal jerks still can't beleive that they are not in power....

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      • I understand your pain TomPatriot, I used to hold back from my opinions, but that just enforces the propagation of these sub terranians. The Hilliary Gang and the log cabin gang can bite my rear quarters squarely , and they can take their gay votes and shove them in their rear quarters, only after they pull out the penis.

        Since the liberals/gays can't live within the confines of Americas laws, or God's laws for that matter, they need to use their slimy judicial constituants to make new laws through the courts. I thought the courts were in place to enforce the laws already on the books.

        This is the way that the serpents are trying to take this country hostage. Keep in mind that we bear a responsiblity as citizens of the "rule of law", which includes christians and especially conservatives to rise up if need be and squash this minority who are biting at our toes.

        We can't change truth, only truth can change us. In the love of truth, Howie

    • Just my luck, I go trolling for Walleye and Bushies and all I catch is a spineless gay bashing Bushie. You have me figured. I am a member of the Texas Log Cabin Republicans. The nation wide Log Cabin Republicans were 1 million votes strong for Bush Jr. in 2000, but we are now having second thoughts now that Bush Jr. has taken the radical right wing position that gay marriages are �troubling�.
      FYI �New FDA� is nothing but a code word for the FDA-Take-Over by the big Pharmaceuticals sitting in the Oval office. Riquent chances of approval would improve if Engle would suck up to the squatters in the oval office.

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      • 1. Osama will be captured soon.
        2. The employment "numbers" will improve.
        3. Maybe some WMD - or some scent of it - will be found a couple of months before the elections.

        The Dems have little chance. And by the way did you know that Kerry is a remarried divorcee, And so is edwards, and so was dean, and that Kucinich is twice divorced and single now at the age of 70!! For heavens sake if these guys cannot manage their marriages or select their spouse well the first time, then How the Heck do you expect these guys to manage the country or make good choices on behalf of the people!!

        And Bush was not AWOL, and Elvis is still alive!

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