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  • wyattkap wyattkap Dec 9, 2009 4:10 PM Flag

    Next Stop is 14 cents

    That gap will fill soon. Then the gap down to 5 cents will settle in and the volume will be back to almost nothing. Won't take long for this to happen. A few days to a few weeks, but it will happen before the end of the year. The fluff and puff will have run its course.

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    • I was a stockbroker and MM back in the early 80's. Then went to venture capital. Now-I pick away at undervalued little companies. I'm in Adamis now for a nice pop over the the next year or so. I'm expecting a 500% increase in value from these levels. Built a very large position over the past year in Adamis. (even when it was CLGY with the merger deal with Adamis) That is my tie to this company. With over 35 years experience in micro-cap stocks-mergers and acqusitions-surprised to see this stock get such a great move on a deal that dead ends at 5 cents a share in just 90 days or so. MM's are making a killing with the "short against the box" strategy on this baby. Trust Me.

    • If you do the math. 3,000,000/65,000,000 shares equals a stock price of 5 cents for LJPC.

    • well done Einstein....

      And your interest here ????????????????????????

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      • You have been a cheerleader in this, against all who have been trying to inject a little reality in your thought processes. Still feeling as optimistic, or did you dump your shares into the buying you helped create?

      • Well, let's see. He probably is not long or he would not be calling for lower prices. Or he could be a shill for the MM's or institutions that are short. Or, maybe he just doesn't want to see all you people lose your investment when the price declines to the value of the merger. You are all playing this game of musical chairs- maybe you will be smart enough to get out before the collapse. I doubt that those that paid above .24 today are feeling very smart. Cut him some slack- maybe he is tired of seeing the MM's always win.

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