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  • rjjones11 rjjones11 Mar 6, 2012 1:02 AM Flag

    Time to Buy?

    What is unique about Blue Mountain?
    It is the shallowness of drilling depth necessary to commission a power plant.
    At almost everywhere else, it would require several times the depth.
    Drilling is god awfully expensive.
    But drilling in most other places is triple god-awfully expensive.
    Blue Mountain was begging to be developed.
    Blue Mountain turned out to have some remarkable surprises.
    It turns out that Blue Mountain has more potential that anyone had suspected.
    Why is this?
    Only toward the end of construction did anyone ever consider, “What is down there deeper?”
    It turns out that our Blue Mountain is virtually on the top of a giant volcano.
    It could support as super plant that is an order of magnitude times larger.
    If we could start over, a project of that magnitude would have probably been considered.
    Why didn’t we go there?
    The expenses, and perhaps current technology,
    of drilling these deeper holes was beyond the reach of this struggling company.
    However, it is true, and on the record, that toward the end of construction we stopped.
    We told Ormat that we should extend the schedule and install larger [more expensive] turbines.
    That was a gamble on the belief that Blue Mountain could be bigger than envisioned at the start of construction.
    Unfortunately, NGP started needing a lot of money at a time when it became very difficult to get money.
    This phenomenon is still going on.
    If we only had lots of money, you would be shocked at what we could build.

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