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  • hhc9706 hhc9706 Dec 22, 2010 5:13 PM Flag

    CXZ will go up more

    I believe CXZ will go up more. Just my 2 cents -
    - before reverse split, it ran up from .25 to .47 (.47 x 4 = 1.88). Staying above 1.88 is not a surprise
    - after consolidation, it's volume almost trippled and remember, today is just 2nd day after consolidation. we have long way to go.
    - from the recent financing activities and PR actions, we can tell their management knows how to manage the company cash flow. They know where they are heading to
    - new mines are just found. no matter it's a big surprise or small one, it's a plus on their value which is not recognized by stock price yet
    - from under $1 to $1+, it's a huge difference. We'll see more $$ flowing into this stock. It's also getting investor's attention after a 50% jump (today's high) in 2 days. When people talk about the stock, it's time to fly.
    - Overall Uranium sector is bouncing back, this sector is oversold. The up trend is clear.

    We can do more analysis among CXZ and other Uranium stars, URRE, URZ, UEC, etc. It might pull back to $1.8 but won't go too deep. As long as it's volume keep increasing, it will fly for sure. Waiting to see 10m+ volume and double the price in 1-2 months.

    Let me know how you think about CXZ. It's always an exciting/challenging thing to catch a penny stock and fly with it.

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