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  • dknorthway dknorthway Apr 18, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Bashers have arrived.

    Time to buy more. Always a good indication as to when to buy. There are no shorts to speak of on TZYM so there is only one reason why they are here. Want to buy cheepies. Good luck though!

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    • That's right, they want shares, but at a lower price.....or they got burned at higher levels and want the company to fail.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • dknorthway
      you have to understand this could go either way here . you have to look at the facts
      1 They stopped there trials nov 15 and dec 17 on the 2 drugs that came from MATCH . So this sets the value way below what it should of been as they proved not to be worth anymore reseach. This was there only
      two drugs left in clinicals .
      2 No insiders have bought any shares even at .40 cents
      3 Nasdaq delisting on the horizon
      4 If they can not find a buyer Liqidation would only return .32-39 cents a share
      5 they still have 30 employees left and are burning cash
      I own shares here as I feel it will be sold at a range of .60-80 cents a share

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      • Stockman;
        Cash at 4q was 15.3M, add in the 1.6 BMS payment in 1Q and deduct about 1.2 admin, if that much and you have about 15.7M cash on hand at end of 1Q 15.7M divided by 27.6M shares equals to .5688 per share cash alone so we are trading at a 22.7 discount to cash. This doesn't even take into consideration the final BMS installment due of 1.6M so if you add that in, you are at .6268 which is a 30% discount. Now add in the furnature, MATCH, future 80M BMS milestones and the experienced employees that would come with the deal and tell me how much BMS would be willing to pay if the technology really works.

      • @thestockman7 You fail to take into consideration that composition of the board. And the Big Pharma that bought into the MATCH concept. The board alone is full of high profile executives within the biotech industry; many who have a professional reputation to uphold. I won't create a list like omnesion, although I agree with it, but your list is based on subjective reasoning. None which hold any weight in the valuation of the company. Everyone keeps throwing around numbers (including dknorthway) but in the end all that will matter is what the acquiring companies are willing to pay per share, and without any information no one can give an exact price.Also, the reason many institutional insiders haven't bought are due to investment objectives and risk appetite of the fund manager and his/her client, meaning not a lot of the objectives are directed towards merger arbitrage. Other than that no one on the board could buy on any information that isn't public.

      • 1.) The value of MATCH isn't related to the failure of two trials of compounds that resulted from the MATCH technology that created said compounds. Certainly not based on JUST 2 trials. If thousands of trials had failed on MATCH candidate compounds and NONE were successful, you could draw that conclusion, but NOT on the basis of two. Do you have any idea how many trials fail on compounds NOT discovered through the use of MATCH and too A LOT longer to discover?

        2.) How do you know that?

        3.) Nasdaq listing is irrelevant if they're being sold or merged.

        4.) They won't be liquidated, and even if they were, your numbers are way too low. Plus, I happen to know they already have found several buyers.

        5.) They don't have 30 employees anymore, per Ms. Susan Sharpe.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • for me it would be just breaking even :( but better than losing it all. i hope everyone comes out happy from this,

        Sentiment: Hold

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