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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 24, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    An objectie look at the merger

    Just some thoughts, I would think that the 2 companies would not be doing if if they did not believe it to be benefical for both. Lets face it, the stock price of TZYN had sunk to a rediculous low. Notice that afew days ago, ithe sp moved up a lot on bg volume. Is it possible that was buyng by some fokls who suspected someting like the merger was brewing? When you buy a stock, you know that decision making on how the co.. operates is out of your control, so why sit and whine about this? If you do not like, sell and move on. Unfortunetly, that happens way too often when a cmopany makes a decision like an offering, reverse split, etc. It is usually the small investors, who, like today,panic and sell, while smart open minded big money scoops up the cheap shares. Doyou wonder who is buying today? I think I know.

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    • Thanks for instilling some wisdom on this board, getting the price moving back up in the right direction. Someone just bought 95K shares.

    • You're naive to think the companies are doing this for best interest of TZYM value. The PR is plain as day. A rev split with a PIPE (needed to create more shares to enable a rev split).... So it is the same as typical biotech, but will be doing a reverse split (rev merger). Wake up, & stop rationalizing things are good. The merger even the in the least doesn't allow for any premium above current price, or even higher for a minimum of book/cash value, which as a #$%$ deal. Now that's being objective

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