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  • earljr1 earljr1 Mar 18, 2014 6:49 PM Flag

    Today's SA article

    Looks like we got a hatchet job on SA today. I think it is pretty baseless. Except I do wonder if the two components of OCR002 are really available for practically free. If it were that easy, you would think docs would formulate it themselves all the time. Regardless, I expect a rebuttal article within the next few days. I'm surprised it didn't sell off more.

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    • Anouther laugh i noted in Paul's article: He says: "I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in OCRX over the next 72 hours." Not only his analysis is flawed, his timing is way off too. Shorts came in at 19+ and are now forced to finally cover as OCRX is being held strongly here. He is planning to short in the next 72 hrs, which from now makes it two days from today. Lol...

    • I just finished reading the whole article and i am laughing my #$%$ off. This guy is so naive and his camp is so desperate that they think they can post any junk and have a massive shorting of the stock.

      I also read the comments, and must say very good replies by BioCourse, yourself (earljr1) and Shush and tweety and more. I do agree with you that the article is indeed baseless. If you may remember, i called SA junk when Biocourse said he was to post an article. I think Bio did an excellent job and i think we are smart enough to distinguish junk from good research. I think Biocourse did the latter.

      Okay, here is the fun part about the article and this is where i literally fell off my chair laughing so hard. You must read it, as this guy states in his article that he identified a fundamental weakness:
      "On top of the competitive risk, I identified a possible fundamental weakness in the nature of OCR002 and its patent. Though OCR002 is novel in its own right, Ocera's patent on OCR002 stands on method of combining two simple chemicals to form a new chemical."

      Note the wording "I identified," as he is so dumb he has no clue about this drug or how many drugs are made. I enjoyed the sodium example by Biocourse.

      Overall, a super junk article which had minimal effect if any. As for OCRX, i am watching the volume as it was about 250k yesterday, and half of that today. I am getting ready to get some shares here, but like to do it when volume drops a bit more indicating that all mo mo players who were here for the ER are tired and gone. The only thing that is working against OCRX right now is the fact that results from serious clinical trials are not yet out and we have to wait a while to see the ALF study, the Sspanish NIH study, and the PhaseIIb study when it gets to about 70 patients. I think results are to come out in that order: ALF, NIH, PhIIb starting late summer or early fall (although i think ALF results are to come out in May/June).

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      • This is a correction to my post above. I said results from studyies are not out, well that is not correct. While not out officially, but the Spanish study showed great recovery rate and well tolerancy by 30 patients. Their total patients is expected to be 38 when all done. As for the ALF study, they have had 10 patients and the CEO said the other day that all 10 have recovered. Not bad, ten out of ten.

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