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  • longbrett longbrett Mar 27, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    Watching Ocrea settle in around 12ish makes for some scary decision making

    IF we sell out to try to get more shares as the price drops, it could be very beneficial. Same money invested more shares. Not a bad idea. What if I get caught? Selling at these lower prices make it real risky, If it goes down great but if it goes up” Ouch. Now I can only get less shares. That would suck… Trying to come up with more money to put into this investment also has it issues. MORE MONEY in a risky stock awe. I’m #$%$ myself already about the money that I have invested.
    So we get down to the natty gritty.
    If we hold and Ocera does well we will all be very happy. I don’t think anyone would argue that.
    If Ocera fails. OK I don’t want to go there.
    I’m betting on the hold position.
    All info available sounds real promising but with no real definitive new information about human consumption it can be a LITTLE worry some. ….I guess try to smile…

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    • well for me it looks like selling CHTP, a big disappointment stock and buying in here.

    • selling and immediately buying makes no sense. If anyone is long, best strategy is to hold what they have. There is a huge difference between a paper loss and real loss.

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      • Well Usingaliase, I can tell you how it does make since to me. Lets say I had1000 shares when the stock hit 19.00 dollars and I had the insight to sell then. I then waited, in this cases about 30 days ish and bought back now at the price of 11.57. I would now have 1642 shares. I agree that it is risky and some times it does not work but who would not like an extra 642 shares for nothing, basically free.
        I myself would do it all day. The problem is lower the stock goes the more risky it gets. If the price goes up you really did not lose anything except now the same money buys you less shares. The big problem is if the stock blows up like 3-5 X like this one could very well do. You could miss out big time. Also if you bought in at a much higher price and sell it is now not a paper loss but real money loss but so what if you can get back in with more shares. Investing really is a gamble, we just try to get the best odds that we feel we can get. Some times it really is luck , like getting in just at the right time.

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