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  • jjson63 jjson63 Apr 6, 2010 7:22 PM Flag

    Hey Shareholder's

    What was your take on the CC.
    I have been a shareholder for the past three years adding shares throughout the ups and downs.
    Need some direction here.
    Your input would be helpful.
    Left-E, Amex etc.


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    • Few investors will invest into LPTH currently b/c stock is in BB land together with the shell companies and scam stocks. The way the stock is marketed is also a problem, the spread is too wide. Investors are not keen to buy large spread stocks, so LPTH needs to find another trading exchange platform. Can't it afford to be listed in Nasdaq?

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      • Look,

        You are absolutely correct when you say they have no exposure to investors and that their PR is pathetic.
        No matter what exchange, the LPATH story needs to be desseminated by potential investors, and the broker/dealer network that deals with the retail investment community.
        No only are they doing a disservice to existing shareholders now, but also will cause additional dilution in any financing because of the low share price.
        This is the ONLY biotech with good science that has NO MARKRT SENSE.- on any exchange. Can't imagine WHY!

    • I see they put out on Marketwire. Marketwire states it goes via Associated Press and Bloomberg. I went over to Bloomberg, and i didn't see anything. Maybe the design of contents on Bloomberg didn't make me come across on the news. The news on Marketwire was 8:30 am Friday, and i was on Bloomberg after market close, and maybe thats why the news part of the content was lost. I hardly use Bloomberg, glance sometimes on Marketwatch, sometimes on other sites. Had i not checked on LPTH today on news, i would not have known of the $3m grant. Yahoo "In Play" is guarenteed impossible to miss if you read from early a.m to last news developement as its design is by min by min. With other announcement sites, it is buried somwhere and looking for a needle in a haystack.

    • What caught my ear was the reconfirmation that Lpath will go it alone on ph. 2 trials with Isonep. No partner invited at this time, thank you very much.

      That suggests the feedback from the retinal team has been strong. Isonep value drives Asonep value imo. The Isonep results were not known when the Merck contract was signed. Did that enter into the decision to "play tough" with Merck, to keep the molecule in play and seek greener pastures elsewhere ?

      I continue to like the intermediate to long-term prospects here though weak hands may have been shaken by some aspects of the presentation.


    • Heres my take
      1) They will get a partner for Asonep. Merck oncology wanted to take on this program. Good sign because it Works. Executives at merck were gunshy.Their loss
      2) Lpathomab will look to be partnered too this year. Thats a surprise, but as Scott said easy because its early stage, preclinical.
      3) This is what i find interesting, Isonep they want to bring through to phase 2 alone and then maybe partner. What that tells me is that drug in ocular formation is special and they may be looking for ahuge payday. Maybe Roche to take on because of all the comparisons with Genetechs Avastin and lucentis.
      I was happy with call but this long term investment is wearing out my wallet. Need to get this pup to $3.00 -5.00 where it belongs at this stage. Good luck all.

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