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  • hugeman99 hugeman99 Mar 15, 2014 5:09 PM Flag

    Charles_Lacey, why are you avoiding questions about LPTN on the OHRP Board?

    Charles_Lacey, you made your inflammatory post over on the OHRP board, can you back it up with some data since you didn't answer questions I asked about LPTN in response to your post?

    Here they are....

    Why does LPTN keep pushing back trial results for Nexus Ph2 trial of iSONEP in wet AMD? Trial was supposed to be complete with results released in 2013, at Roth Conference, Pancoast again implicitly pushed back results release date, now saying around the end of 2014. Why does Pancoast not talk about reasons for Nexus trial lack of progress?

    Regarding the iSONEP Ph1 trial, were full results of the trial published anywhere, peer reviewed or otherwise? I can't find anything.

    At the Roth Presentation on Slide 15, Pancoast shows cherry picked data from the 15 patient, variable dose size, one injection per patient trial. Why does he not show trial data for Patient 4, 10, 11, 12, and 13? That is fully one third of the patients for which we are not shown data! Why? Did lesions actually grow in size? Why does he not show the actual change in lesion size for patients 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9? Why does the slide not show which dose each patient received? Was there a dose/benefit correlation? Lack of full data just seems deceptive.

    Also, regarding ASONEP, was there ANY evidence of efficacy in a human trial in RCC? I can't find any info on ASONEP Ph1 rodant trial anywhere other than the one slide from the ROTH conference and that was sketchy info at best. Can you help? Pancoast risking SEC action with the comments he made suggesting good probability of success in the PhII trial. What is he basing it on?

    Give me some answers that make sense and I'll buy this stock too. But for now there are way too many unknowns with LPTN and too much hyping by the CEO.

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