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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Nov 26, 2002 8:17 AM Flag


    I noticed that your identity was just created this Nov. 23rd. I guess you are either new to Yahoo, or a company shill who decided to make an appearance on this thread.

    Please explain why your identity is so new and where else you post.......just to prove you are a real investor and not a company paid hypster with stock options and/or consulting contracts with/from Avid.

    Brand new identity........and you claim to be a SERIOUS investor who may throw stones.

    Someone pinch me.

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    • I can honestly say you frighten me.

      I've shared my opinions with others on this board for the past year. No name changes, no dual identities, no agendas. I've been a paying customer of Avids for 9 years.

      Now I'm a scared paying customer, and I'm going back to work. I'll return when Avid finishes up the year in style!

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      • I read that you've been a paying customer for 9 years now. So, you must be familiar with the track record of Avid during this period.

        Fact: on 11/2/1993 (9 years ago) Avid closed at $24.25

        Fact: on 11/15/1994 (8 years ago) Avid closed at $42.75

        Today, 8 years later it seems you've lost your shirt and are in fact less wealthy. Specifically, you've lost 50% of your prinicpal! Had you invested for the last 8 years in risk-free T-Bills you would be up, 50%!

        Now, what makes you think Avid's next 10 years will be better than their last? After all, you've know them on an intimate basis for all of that time.

        I consider your opinion important. But if I were you, I'd sell Avid today, not tomorrow.

        Good luck.

      • You will never try to explain why you are "scared" with facts. This I guarantee. I'm sorry you sleep under your bed and now must go to work. I am working as I type this message. It's my job.

        Yours is to pretend to be scared as you attempt to discredit the honest investor on behalf of shills.

        Just come back with numbers and remember, it doesn't matter how good avid's product is, what matters is valuation.

        You my friend must have been put up to this if you really are a customer. If you own this junk, you are a fool.

        I guess you've been wiped out over the last 3 years, right.

        It's you broker who should scare you, not me.

        Now climb out from under the bed; get back to work; kneel at your bosses feet; and pretend you are a man.

        Just kidding, I tough guy like you can take it, right?

        If you are a female, I apologize. It just sounded so funny to read a man say he was "scared". I'm a chauvenist you see.

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