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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Jan 17, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    Who wins if............

    ....who wins dtv's, "I'm better than you contest", if I, the great Sugarr_Daddy, shorted Avid in May'98?

    I'd be up $24 per share on my short as we speak.

    You never know.

    What we do know, by simply reading posts and judging acumen, that dtv knows very little about the market and must have just started investing or is close to bankruptcy. The odds that he's really up and not a liar are, IMO, zero.


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    • I said I was sorry and that you are a man. I said people liked you too.

      Now I add: I hear you are handsome.

      Why are you so obsessed with me? Do you secretly love me? Are you a stalker? NO, I guess I destroyed your ego, and I wasn't even trying - I swear.

      You are not in my league, my goofy friend, but that doesn't mean you aren't great. You are. I really mean it and so do others.

      I hope you lose your obsession with the Great Sugarr soon. It's unhealthy. Just ask mommy.

      That was a joke, not a jab. I like you and think you are a really nice guy. And I'm sure you're handsome too, honest.

    • Read my posts. I said when I got out and why it happened. My transactions are real unlike your hypothetical 5/98 short.

      There is no contest. I am the better investor. I have already won. You have promises; I have delivered. If you haven't shorted yet, you will short at $20 (your 15% number). This means the stock needs to go below $10 for you to match my 3 month return. You need the stock to go below $4.58 to match my lifetime AVID return. Good luck.

      Get to know the BK code though. Shorting can get you into BK court unlike going long. Furthermore, just to provide an education, there are other means to make money on a declining stock that is more lucrative and safer than shorting.

      BTW: You aren't going to see me in BK. I own my home. Do you own yours outright?

    • You tell me (its Iman) what the range is.

      I will short my 200 at 22 and lets call a move of 20% the end. If Avid hits 17.6 in the next Month you win. If it hits 26.4 I win. If this is all due to MM manipulation it will shake out in a month and particularly after earnings.

      Here is the point again. There is a ton of rehtoric being spewed but no one is saying when the "tanking " is going to happen. Every day I hear that Avid is a bloated pig and its going down from you. In my estimation, with the exception of the double downgrade day Avid is just following the given market flucuations.

      It is one thing to say that a stock is going to fall because the business is bad, numbers suck, industry is tanking in general...I can accept that.

      It is another thing all together when you say a stock is going to tank BECAUSE it has been driven up by evil MM's and other conspiracys.

      If that is the case then you should be able to tell me when the stock will fall and you know that if that were the case Avid would NEVER have survived the double downgrade. It moved down to what the analyst were saying it is worth.

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      • Everything I said about stock manipulation really happens. I guess you know this but are playing dumb. Whether or not it's happening here, who knows? Can't be sure, but the data suggests it is.

        It's all legal too.

        I spelled out the procedure carefully, so that others could follow the logic. If you see a flaw in the step by step procedures I outlined, what is that flaw? Otherwise, why wouldn't MMs do exactly what I suggested they are doing?

        It's not a conspiracy, it's just smart business.

        Did you know that while EVERY money manager was telling Retail Joe to HOLD over the last 3 years, they cut their own personal holdings by over 50%?

        This was published in the WSJ. Did you read it?

        Was this a conspiracy? It happened and is just one of countless examples of how the industry fleeces those who bury their head in the sand.

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