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  • mr_green_151 mr_green_151 Jan 23, 2003 3:30 PM Flag

    Nice Run

    Nice run up today �

    Sugar, you�ve really been showing off your intelligence on this board. Some investment oracle you are.

    What a laugh...

    Oh, I didn�t mean you were funny ( you are actually kind of creepy sometimes with your posts � especially those to iman) what I meant was that you are a joke and a loser � especially on Avid and more or less in the personal sense.

    Don�t take it to heart though.

    (I think this is where I�m suppose to say that you are well liked and have lots of friends � ---no, that's your shtick) -> what a Freak

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    • No, you don't have to call me DTV. Unlike you, I have only one Yahoo ID. And don't worry about me betting the ranch on Avid. I'm on record as having sold half of my Avid on Dec. 18 at $20.99. (See post 6973.) You came here in early November after shorting Avid in hopes that you somehow could magically turn the Avid advance around by posting dire warnings under various aliases. You were quickly exposed as a Yahoo fool.

      I'm sure if/when Avid eventually returns to the midteens and you've recovered your losses, you'll be here telling everyone how you shorted at 24 (or whatever the high of this run will be) and made a bundle. But you can't say it now because you really have no idea whether it actually might make a move to 30 soon, and that would make you an even bigger loser.

      And you are very good at ducking the same type of questions you accuse others of failing to answer. I'm still waiting to hear an approximate date on which you think Avid will fall off the cliff into single digits. Let's hear it now so we can measure your vast market knowledge. Are you afraid of being wrong? You've been proving yourself wrong about Avid for three months, so you really have nothing to lose -- except more of your money.

      By the way, the reason you're pathetic isn't because of any "facts" you've posted. It's because you've become the little boy who cried wolf -- or in this case Avid. You are a joke, especially because of your belief that you can influence Avid's stock price by posting on Yahoo. That obviously hasn't worked for you.

      All that said, I do expect to be able to buy more Avid later this year in the low teens, so we do agree on something. The difference, my friend, is that I understand the fluctuations in Avid's price and buy and sell accordingly. You don't understand much of anything about this stock and have been on the wrong side of the fence for three months.

    • I don't know what you are talking about with yhoo. Believe what you want. So far you are wrong. That is really all that matters at the end of the day.

      I am not DTV but maybe it makes you feel better to think I am.

    • You aren't fooling anyone with your many aliases.

      So, this alias is a fortune teller too?

      How about answering my question about Yahoo, bigshot? You brought it up, dopey.


      Opened up a can of worms with your big mouth and now your foot's in it again?

      But, I like you and so do many others.

    • Sugarr, you ar down at least 5 points in this stock if you you are short at all. Some short-sellers dream.

    • It's not hard to understand, it just seems self-evident that the kind words don't equate to the income streams needed to justify today's stock price.

      If you would kindly place some numbers on the next 10 years, I think it would become obvious that Avid's market and long-term share of it is just too small.

      Until you complete this simple financial exercise, you will continue to be lost in "words" of glory instead of cold, hard money.

      Just like DTV's favorite stock, Yahoo. Once upon a time, we all asked, "what cash flow will Yahoo deliver"? When the answer became clear, the stock collapsed, as will Avid.

      Refusing to come up with future income streams is suicide.......a.k.a. burying your head in the sand. You owe it to yourself to complete this simple exercise.

      I'm sure you'll do well.

    • I think the 10 year outlook is fantastic. I am not hyping Avid, ...I am hyping digital content in our day to day lives. TV, web, movies, commercials , this is all stuff that I think we can agree will be with us for much longer than 10 years. It is a reality. Having said that, Avid is in the best position to capitalize on this. A complete re-vamp of all bcst equipment on the face of the earth is not a "one time thing"...it is a continual process of the technology turn-over. If you are going to get behind a company to rule this space, there is no one else out there right now that does it nearly as well as Avid.

      If you believe that digital will replace tape and film then you believe in the future growth of Avid. Would you be investing in VCR's right now??? I doubt it. Video cameras, still cameras, audio, bcst equipment will very soon be ALL bits on a memory card or disk drive. That is what Avid does.

      Why is that so hard 5o understand?

    • I realize you use this alias to hide behind, but I still like you.

      Avid is a worthless company, grossly overvalued and being pumped up with huge, Fed provided, liquidity.

      Soon the carpet will be pulled out, and Avid will decline faster than the Nas....much faster. Single digits is Avid's destiny.

      Remember I said this.

      If you are long Avid you are a fool.

      By the way, dtv, having any luck summarizing my Yahoo messages? Sounds like Avid?

      It's just a matter of time.

      Math always prevails, numskulls.

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