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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Jan 28, 2003 2:08 PM Flag

    Mgmt Compensation

    So, DTV agrees with my statement and is tickled pink.

    I guess we've found a management shill/hypster who finally admits being on the Avid gravy train.

    It took quite a long time for you to come clean, my goofy friend.

    But I like you and so do many, many others.

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    • No agreement yet. Are you looking for validation? Should I add some childhood acceptance issues to the psychiatric eval?

      The comment was tongue in cheek. Then again your schizophrenia prevents you from seeing anything but a conspiracy.

      Let me put it at your grade level:

      See investor watch AVID.
      See investor buy AVID when low.
      AVID stock go up.
      Investor sell AVID when high.
      Investor makes money from difference.

      See short come to AVID.
      See short sell AVID too early.
      AVID goes higher.
      See short act like child.

      That should go well with your 7 stick figures...

    • Thursday night...after the close, all of this speculation will be useless. If the numbers are great,the stock will fly...if they suck and it is bad news...the stock will fall.

      JUST WAIT 2 more days...and I hope your long..

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