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  • semper_spqr semper_spqr Feb 2, 2003 12:44 PM Flag

    Avid's numbers

    I can answer your question, Sugarr, as I have read all posts. The peanut gallery has gone on record, over and over, that you shorted the day you first appeared on this board. Your appearance date is the time, the fact that you were anti-Avid the reason, nothing else.

    I don't agree with you that the SEC will get involved here as Avid management has made reference to all the "bombs" you refer to either in writing or verbally (albeit, in positive terms; using upbeat tones). Their references were short and sweet, but there. No one during the conference call touched on any of them, but that's not management's fault. In fact, analysts have no duty to explore the important issues if they choose not to. Based on history, they're probably working together anyway.

    Basically, all the pertinent information is availble for all to see. The mere fact that you need to be educated to "see" does not make your failure to see management's responsibility.

    Management is in the clear.

    Analysts are in the clear.

    You are absolutely right about one thing though. Darwin did notice this. However, he never said God approved. Nature can be cruel. Survival depends on it, but outright greed has nothing to do with survival. Tricking people into losing their money is not Darwinian, it's morally wrong; legally right.

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