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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Feb 3, 2003 12:13 PM Flag

    Avid's numbers

    nickboxer13 said, "Even as a short, the best way to scare people is with facts."

    If you are a momentum player or disingenuous stock market manipulator, attempting to foster fear and greed (the two basic emotions that tend to run wild in the financial arena) posting misleading information is one's fundamental tool.

    I have never attempted to mislead and have only posted facts. Today, I'm simply refusing to post facts and have announced that I disagree with every positive post. Simpe as that. I haven't said anything positive or negative that is misleading......i'm just disagreeing with stooges.

    Why would an honest investor, like myself, be interested in fear or greed?

    I have absolutely no interest in helping anyone here learn more about the risk they are taking in going long avid. I do have an interest in seeing Avid's stock price reach unreasonable highs. In this regard, the longs and I have the exact same goal.

    I would never attempt to hurt avid's stock price today......never......educating numskulls is over.

    You can bet money, honey that Avid management is reading this post and celebrating. We are on the same page......we both want to take your money and put it into our pockets....legally.

    Only in America is this possible! The greatest nation on earth.

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