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  • i_laugh_last i_laugh_last Feb 11, 2003 9:25 PM Flag

    Please read

    Listen up please...This whole thing has gotten way out of hand. There are some people here that have wonderful input and some people that could learn a lot from them (myself included). There are some people that know the ins and outs of this company, others that can read financials and still others that know TA well. If everyone could grow up and share info with each other, we could all benefit. PLEASE DON'T RESPOND TO THOSE THAT ARE TRYING TO PICK FIGHTS...YOU ONLY EGG THEM ON. Didn't we learn this stuff in elementary school?

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    • Recommended your post and put sugarr and whatley on ignore.

      You are right, there are a variety of experts in a number of different disciplines here.

    • "Why not try mocking me using facts? If you succeed I might feel bad....really bad. "

      I'm not mocking you, I'm giving you facts. I doubt very seriously you have any money to begin with but you've been saying "strong sell" since $14..the stock is at $23 right now..In a market where 99.9% of all stocks drop daily and have been for quite a while, you couldnt been more wrong..

      And once again, I don't even know what AVID does and I don't care..What I do care about is your continuous "strong sell" recommendations..So when someone comes to the board and they see your broken record crap about the gloom and doom for AVID, I want them to know you have no clue what you're talking about..You've been dead wrong..

      And the only ego that has been destroyed here is yours..this next post proves that..Keep trying to justify that it doesn't matter how much money you've lost, as long as YOU ARE RIGHT..Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess..


    • Mary,

      I thought you admitted that you never read a single post from me stating I'm short. Yes, you did girlfriend.

      So, why keep up the con?

      Is this the best bull story you can come up with.....a complete lie?

      Why not try mocking me using facts? If you succeed I might feel bad....really bad. You see when a MAN reads nonsense he just laughs......hahahahhahaha...like me. But if you should manage to prove using real information (not contrived bull) that I'm stupid, a fairy, a crybaby, etc....I might take it to heart.

      This is how I destroyed you and DTV's egos. This is why you cry and whine like a sissy in you weak attempts to paste me.

      you should give up...you are outmatched.....Mary.

    • Laugher-

      Welcome to the jungle Laugher! Personally, I can only stomach this board every couple months (I have a low tolerance for personal attacks, slander and muck raking). You will find that there are NO INVESTORS ON THIS FORUM. So if that's what you are looking for, close this window and never come back.

      There are two factions however.

      (1) Dedicated Avid employees defending the mother ship. These are well meaning people who have to be proud of the turnaround they've been a part of. Some defend their coworkers and their customers on this board. They HAVE TO BE excited about their accomplishments and I believe they think they can change the world? As an owner of many of their products (sans the broadcast & softimage stuff), I happen to agree with them.

      (2) Ex-Avid employees that get their therapy slandering and slewing. It's sadly pathetic, but it is part of our times (the anonymity of these boards lets you be anything you'd like to be, and it's certainly easier than having to actually DO SOMETHING with your life). Like every US company, Avid has trimmed the fat and underperforming over the past few years and ex-employees are ex's for a reason. Judging by the time these people find to spend on these boards, I hope their new employeer is a little more understanding of their hobby.

      I think these two factions should settle it over at the WWF in a steel cage match. I do a significant amount of work for them and I know I could get the cage for an afternoon. I'd put my money on the tough bunch at Avid!

      I'll check in in another 60 days or so, but until then I did paste in some of the professional ratings of the past 30 days.

      Sorry if I've offended, or hit a little too close to home.

      02-11-2003 Raymond James Coverage
      Initiated at Mkt Perform ($28 target)

      02-06-2003 First Albany Coverage Initiated at Buy

      01-31-2003 Roth Capital Upgraded from Neutral to Buy

      01-22-2003 JP Morgan Upgraded from Neutral to Overweight

      01-10-2003 Adams Harkness Coverage Reiterated at Buy

    • The real discussions take place at Yahoo's private club, The Avid Group. You have to be invited to join. No bashing; only professional discussions allowed.

      If you can demonstrate your expertise here, on this thread, and the moderator, Sal_Lucania feels your input is worthy, you may be invited to participate.

      In the meantime, fights are picked here for a reason. Did you notice that some here seem to "know" a lot about nothing? That these same folks speak with forked tongue? That they shrink from debates that include facts and figures?

      We have.

      Flushing out the insider shills is a favorite pastime of mine. I keep copies of all of their posts for potential future litigation. We've got a well documented case against a few here that are clearly "insiders" playing games.

      By the way, we also promote Avid on other sites using clips (i.e. exact quotes) from this board's "insiders". We hope it runs up on their words, not ours. We're here to short.

      Guess why?

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