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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Feb 12, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    Please read


    I thought you admitted that you never read a single post from me stating I'm short. Yes, you did girlfriend.

    So, why keep up the con?

    Is this the best bull story you can come up with.....a complete lie?

    Why not try mocking me using facts? If you succeed I might feel bad....really bad. You see when a MAN reads nonsense he just me. But if you should manage to prove using real information (not contrived bull) that I'm stupid, a fairy, a crybaby, etc....I might take it to heart.

    This is how I destroyed you and DTV's egos. This is why you cry and whine like a sissy in you weak attempts to paste me.

    you should give are outmatched.....Mary.

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