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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Feb 21, 2003 7:02 PM Flag


    I'm confused.

    What I see is the redemption and sale of about 80,000 options by execs over the past 3 months -- not one by the CEO by the way. And even if he redeems 10k, what is the big deal. This dilution constitutes a fraction of a percent. In the past, AVID has had stock buybacks to reduce dilution. Where are the big sells? Where are David Krall's sells? And if this is so obvious and the companies performance so bad, why are so many firms upgrading the company? I know -- so there folks can get out of their position. But doesn't that expose them to SEC scrutiny and put their companies at massive risk?

    But while we are talking about conspiracy theories, can someone please tell me who shot JFK?

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    • The Michael Jackson of the Avid board. I love it. LOL.

    • I know what you mean. Anyone who asks him to back up his words gets called a shill or stupid. I haven't heard anyone here say Avid was headed to the moon or anything. I think most of the longs are feeling lucky that they've had such a good ride since last summer.

      Some even have agreed with him that Avid's price may have gotten a little ahead of itself. But he's here to try to recover his losses. He's an angry young man who's taking his ill-timed short position out on Avid and the people who see some value in the company. He'll blame everyone except himself for his stupidity. He's a sad case indeed.

    • If your confusion is over the recent flood of messages from sugarr baby that insiders are selling like mad, don't despair. I don't see any big sells either. Perhaps sugarr could provide some evidence of this huge selling wave.

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      • Don't see evidence of massive selling by insiders? Really?

        When you add 2 + 2, what do you get, 3?

        Now, I know numbers confuse you and that you NEVER address any important issues, but here goes.........

        Do you deny that insiders exercised massive numbers of options just before year end?

        Do you deny that this exercise triggered an immediate tax liability that was due and payable by Jan 15, 2003?

        Do you deny that the $11 million Avid cash increase was solely due to option exercises?

        Do you deny that insiders exercised and triggered massive tax liabs with no intention of selling everything?

        You need to get a new hobby. You have NO common sense. You don't know how to think.

        Are you waiting for Yahoo to post the selling?

        What makes a numskull dumbell like you tick?

        You need to call mommy right now and tell her what you've been doing with your paper route money.

    • Enron had buy recs all they way down.

      Not to compare though, just be carefull
      with recs.

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