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  • shortpounder shortpounder Nov 9, 1999 4:59 PM Flag

    It has started! (eom)


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    • make the situation better for those who bought
      even at $25, because they had their money tied up for
      12 months doing nothing but recovering. As for me as
      I said I bought in $12,5-$13,5 range this will be
      good deal.
      And please wake up your that
      you can get what AVOID Tech. is all about!!!
      thanks about the "ASS" definition, saves my valuable
      time, so I can concentrate on a further and deeprer
      reasarch of AVOID Tech.



    • Gee Mr Wizard you've got us all hanging on your
      every word of wisdom!!

      I read your brilliant
      post a week ago when you were telling us that Avid was
      worth "$31 a pop" and now what??? Is it Avoidance time
      because you say so?

      Hey Everyone you better listen
      up Petar has something to say!!

      When you're
      wrong, you're wrong. It's that simple. You've shown us
      all that you know a lot about nothing.

      Hey and
      by the way I already know that I'm an "ASS" so give
      it a

      Odogonice, enough to know that Avid Tech. common stock is
      worth at least $31 a pop.
      As I like to say-time
      will show!!!!

      by: petarmax
      11/2/1999 8:01
      pm EST
      Msg: 3345 of 3417

    • and Wed. will be the day that most get the

      From what I am hearing, its going pretty deep ---
      between 15%-20% reduction. That might be close to 200-300

      For those families effected, I wish them all the best
      and God's speed in finding new employment. I hope
      that the hardships that they and thier families endure
      are short lived.

      Luckily, they are getting
      layed-off in the most powerful economic boom in US history.
      I guess if you are going to be let go in the past
      15 years, now is the best time.

      Good luck ---


    • I have the suggestion to AVID CEO to change the
      ticker symbol from AVID to AVOID.
      If nothing else it
      will help investor get a quick inside about the
      company stock price performance. Do not get me wrong
      technologically AVID Tech. is the best it what they do, but for
      investors like myself it is a pure AVOID deal!!!!
      have a bunch of their stuff at $12 3/4 to 13 9/16 and
      I will be fine.
      But i feel sorry for every body
      that bought in higher than $15.
      So, from now on my
      posts will be about AVOID Tech.

      Good Luck,(we
      need a ton of it)!!!


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