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  • maxpetar maxpetar Feb 28, 2000 2:15 PM Flag

    SM2000 your short ASS is in PAIN and..

    It is going to hurt more and is going
    to be like a big elephant's DICK trying to get
    IN....sorry frined....but this is the story of most
    Wish you where LOND..:):):):)

    Petarmax....LONG forever.

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    • AVID was up again today and closed @ 18 9/16 on a volume of 783,200 with an intra day high of $19.50. Your pessimism needs to be chilled!

    • re: message #4055
      RIGHT ON - as sad of news
      as that may be to us Avid stock owners - it's the
      truth! You wanna make some money - go invest in EDIG or
      DCHT. They have growth potential! The days of Avid
      skyrocketing up to 50 are over. The days of Avid stock
      plunging 11 points in one day may not be over...

    • Would a professional editing house that is
      working for a major studio use AVID products or Apple's
      FCP on their Apple PCs?

      I believe more
      professionals in the industry who are working for major studios
      and who own Apple PCs, are using AVID's products on
      Apple PCs rather than FCP when they want to obtain
      professional results.

    • Avid got their ass chewed years ago by Media100
      and others on the low end. FCP now owns the very low
      end, let it go, the high(er) end is where they can
      shine, and they have a loyal base. Web broadcast, no
      matter how shitty it looks right now visually, still
      requires editing and creativity. Among avid editors there
      are the techs who can make the thing work however
      uncreative and the artists who produce worthwhile content.
      Certainly, the new breed of people doing really good stuff
      on FCP today are like the toaster people that were
      good 7 years ago, they need and want to move up to an
      AVID. Avid went down the HDTV rat hole, maybe in the
      future there will be a market for that stuff, but the
      company that will make the most money there and the ONLY
      companies selling there are the ones who can up-sample the
      existing content. Really, is I love Lucy a better show at
      1920 X 720 progressive any better than 720X480
      interlaced? When I watch it, I forget that it's not even
      color, 'it's the content stupid'. Avid has alway been
      assisting the creative talents of people will sell good
      content. FCP can produce the exact same producton as the
      most elaborate production suite. It's a cost vs.
      creativity vs. productivity thing. A great editor/producer
      working against deadlines won't use something like FCP
      because with a good system he can try more things in the
      time allowed and produce a better finished product in
      8 vs 16 hours. A professional landscaper won't use
      a little Walfart mower, he'll buy a big two blade
      industrial for ten times the money, because it makes him 10%
      more productive. Creative people don't want to be
      frustrated by their tools. Media 100 made inroads because in
      the 90s because new users weren't intimidated by the
      tools, and it was an open system allowing them access to
      other tools thru Quick Time instead of OMF. The
      Hollywood guys aren't cheap, if Avid just comes out with
      incremental improvements that allow an improvement in
      personal productivity that's even fractional, they're
      worth their weight in gold. Then they'll become the
      gold standard that the FCP users will aspire too.

    • The point here is that mid to high-end post
      production editing, which Avid undeniably owns, is not a
      high growth market. Depending on which research report
      you read, the growth estimates range from 5 to 8
      percent a year. So Avid is stuck selling to a market it
      already owns, which translates to limited growth for a
      fat cat high overhead company like Avid. Upgrades and
      one off�s will not support Avid�s exec

      So you say, web streaming is a growth opportunity.
      Yes it is, however why would I buy a DV Xpress that
      has half the functionally of a FCP system at 2 to 3
      times the price. This is where the problem is for Avid.
      They have completely bastardized their product line so
      the functionality of their low-end systems is highly
      limited compared to entry-level systems of competitive
      products like FCP. They can�t open up the low-end products
      with better features without sacrificing their pricing
      models of the high-end systems like Composer and

      Then you get into growth markets, even in film like
      India, and they are not going to spend 60k on a film
      composer when they can do the same thing on FCP and sling
      shot for 20K. No question it will take more labor
      possibly more time but in the end they get the same
      product for less money. Some will some wont, but limited
      growth never the less.

      Do yourself a favor and
      take a look at the specks of FCP and compare them to
      DV Xpress or Avid Xpress deluxe or elite as well.
      You will find that FCP offers more functionality and
      a richer feature set at a � of the price of any of
      the fore mentioned products from Avid. FCP�s problem
      has been good I/O boards and that problem will most
      likely go away at NAB this year.

      problem, if I am a high end post facility, why would I tie
      up an expensive editing system rendering material
      for web distribution when I can just buy Media
      Cleaner Pro and get all the streaming tools I need, for
      under 600 dollars. Export a QT file from my Media
      Composer and encode it on media cleaner pro. No upgrade
      needed here to get to the web, just a Media 100 product
      to get my Avid working in a growth market.

      Avid is in a very difficult position and it is one of
      the reasons their stock is so low. Just because they
      are the best at what they do, and own a mature market
      dose not mean that they are poised for growth and can
      capitalize on immerging markets with no loyalty to Avid. The
      arrogance of many of the previous posts is pervasive of how
      Avid operates as a company. FCP poises a significant
      threat to Avid in all of the growth markets Avid needs
      to get into to survive as a company and support the
      continued development efforts of its established customer

      If you can�t see this you have been editing on
      Avid�s products two long and don�t understand how to run
      a company and make money for it�s investors.

    • Yo-yo-yo.....all cool long stop
      PJ's target of $18 was hit in 3 week's on no
      news....this means a new upgrade is coming....maybe at
      Or maybe if we do not hear anything soon but it
      pumps ahead...this makes a buyout a sure deal...and it
      is going to be for no less $33 a pop...either way
      enjoy...and get your shoping lists in the works....

      Long forever...Petar the MAX!!!!

    • I go with the flow rather than try to fight

      the tape. And shorting is too risky! I just
      to laugh at all the editors that refuse
      convert to FCP because they will no longer
      be needed
      in another few years! OBSOLETE!

    • This stock was rising well before today's news.
      Methinks buyout rumors most likely fueling it (avid will
      never be this cheap again). If it is MSFT, which seems
      somewhat curious but within the bounds of reason, what do
      people think a proper buyout price would be? I'm seeing
      25 bucks a share as enough to get majority support.
      If it does happen, it'll happen fast, ie: before
      NAB, but I'd say 80% likely Avid is not bought out.
      Either way, we'll see mid 20's soon...


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