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  • maxpetar maxpetar Mar 16, 2000 7:42 PM Flag

    Link to todays call with Gene..on AVID

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    • Avid, Media 100. In LA (which is the closest to
      the reality of business I know), they rarely compete.
      In fact with XpressDV, Avid should push Media 100 to
      even lower price points. Stock movement is not based
      on solid business practices but momentum and hype.
      You got into Media 100 at 5 and have benefited.
      Others bought Avid heavy at 9.5.
      I hope both do
      well, but I am into Avid much heavier and have
      considered selling Media 100, but every day it just keeps on
      going up.

      Anyway, go to the park and walk your
      dogs or ostrich.

    • dved said it first: "you get what you paid for on
      these boards. Do your own damn research!" And guess
      what, that starts with him. Your statements about MDEA
      are typical of the jalous investor who doesn't want
      to admit that MDEA understaood the future of content
      delivery 2 years before Avid and that Avid is now paying
      for their lack of vision. Two problems with your
      post: first you "forgot" to mention the 400% revenue
      increase from MDEA internet streaming business. Highly
      relevant since this will soon represent most of their
      business. Second, John Molinari the CEO of MDEA hasn't sold
      a sinlge share for over a year. The seller is his
      father who has nothing to do with the Co. management and
      is just realigning his portfolio.
      Oh, BTW MDEA
      just set a new all time high today after a new
      $80/share price target set by US bankcorp. At last check
      Avid was down on an up market across the board. I
      everybody but you wrong again?

    • MDEA reported a whopping 19% revenue growth
      yesterday (ho hum), yet they still command a P/E of 271,
      and a Price/Sales of 7.2 (versus Avid's 1.1 X

      You trying to tell me that MDEA's sales are worth 6.5
      times what Avid's are?

      Also: Ever since Oct 99
      (when MDEA first popped above $10 (!)), Molinari has
      been selling his shares like a wild man! He sold
      450,000 shares since Oct (at $13, $19, $27, $31), and now
      has 766,000 left... Means he sold 37% of his
      holdings! With an average sale price of

      Terran is cool, but MDEA is being valued like the MSFT
      of streaming media, which they're NOT. Molinari's
      the smart one.

      Avid, by comparison, has deep
      relationships with most major "content kings," and will be more
      than happy to provide tools and iron to encode (and
      serve, via Unity) all that media. It would take a
      shitload of Media Cleaner Pro's @ ASP's of $60-300 to
      equal the sales value of a SINGLE Avid

      Avid's the sleeper play of the year, IMO.

      again, you get what you paid for on these boards. Do
      your own damn research!


    • A year from now you'll be wishing you picked some up for 45.

    • in case anyone's interested, MDEA reported this
      morning and for the first time their numbers actually
      look pretty good. Still not convinced it's a $45 stock
      but I do wish I'd picked up some shares at $5.

    • The Investor Relations Manager is newly appointed and his name is Bill Davis.

    • In addition to CEO's, don't company's have individual(s) who interface with Wall Street? Does Avid have such an individual? If so, have they been onvacation?

    • Spoke to a few friends who've played with the new
      Softimage, they LOVE it! Also hearing amazing things about
      Symphony. NAB should be quite the show. The new products
      tied with new CEO announcement should cause this long
      languishing stock to pop to low 30's, and hopefully 40's by
      end of the year, IMHO. I'm doubling up if it dips
      back to 20, our new base.

      Of course, do your
      own research, don't trust me.


    • Got it, Thanks for the story

    • CBOT shows puts and calls, but no leaps. P & c's
      look very pricey. Is this true on other P&C's? Are
      option traders looking for chickens to pluck? For that
      matter, would it be a good idea to sell MDEA and buy
      AVID? There must be some fancy math that will tell all.
      Maybe a genie in a brass bottle.
      There was a guy who
      went into a bar with an ostrich. The man asked for a
      beer. The ostrich, said, "I would like one too."

      the bartender passed the drinks and said, "That will
      be $2.80. The man reached in his pocket, pulled out
      $2.80. and paid the bill.
      the next day, the man came
      into the bar, with ostrich, and ordered a martini. The
      ostrich said, "me too." Bartender passed the drinks,
      said, "$8.50." the man pulled out$8.50 and paid.

      The third day the man returned, with ostrich and
      ordered a gin and tonic. Again, the ostrich wanted one
      too. Bartender said, "$5.25. Man pulled out $5.25 and
      Bartender said, "I am amazed! Everytime I tell
      you the price, you deliver the exact amount without
      even counting. How do you do it? Man said, "It was
      like this. I was polishing a lamp one day and a genie
      popped out and offered two wishes. I said,"great. I
      always want all the money I'll ever need."
      the genie
      said, "Granted. What is your second wish?" I said, "I
      want a chick with long legs."
      Well, I would like a
      stock (not a stork) with long legs to LEAP, and Avid
      and MDEA look promising, but which? "Oh Lord won't
      you give me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all have
      Porches, I must make amends. (Actually, I would rather
      have a BMW 740i)

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