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  • avidrocks avidrocks Apr 16, 2000 4:27 PM Flag

    Now is the time to look at fundamentals

    This "crash" we are living through has been
    brought on by massive over-valuation. When the dust
    settles, you can be sure that Avid will be standing tall.
    Unlike mdea and others, Avid actually has a very
    consistent and respectable revenue stream, a very capable
    and fresh management team and an extremely
    talented,loyal and savvy customer base.

    This spells
    success in any business.

    Avid may have been
    pulled into the whirlpool of "overvalued tech stocks"
    but it clearly is NOT in that category and should be
    considered a bargain at these prices.

    Good luck!

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    • As an owner of several (12) Protools 4.+ and two
      avid mc1000 systems (plus 2 sonic solutions systems
      for mastering), could someone guess how many people
      on this board actually use the avid products. As an
      owner that must make money, one must learn when avid
      drives are necessary and when aftermarket drives will
      meet requirements. If you need much space you have to
      mix the lot.

    • I don't beleive that to be the case, several
      years ago, one of Avids competitors was pushing higher
      data rates than Avid with a selection of off the shelf
      drives, including the generic version of the Avid tweeked
      one. As a reseller, my margin would have been higher
      if I could also re-sell drives to my customers
      instead of having to sell so-called Avid drives, where
      Avid made the markup. Seem to me that this means they
      must have put the effort elsewhere in the system and
      choose to do even more work to qualify and support many
      different drives. That to me is a benefit to everyone in
      the channel including the customer. Does anyone know
      if Avid will be continuing this practice?

    • Does anyone still remember AMPEX? well this
      little honey is made by them for Apples firewire! Its
      10X faster than 100 baseT 30MBytes/Sec. and up to
      220GB. check it out, you will love the price.

    • no it means that competitors can never be 100%
      sure that a generic drive will be able to pass data
      fast enough in order for the drive to work with their
      system. If you do not test a drive on a system that is
      pushing drive technology/bandwidth to its limits, how can
      you know for sure that it will work? I'll tell you
      how. Instead of pushing the drive to its limit and
      getting the most out of it by tweaking it to your spec,
      you lower your expectation for that drive so maybe
      it's only using 75% of its potential. All NLE systems
      have their own set parameters for transferring data,
      just as different drive manufacturers do. So no, the
      competitors are not better engineers, they've decided that
      they don't want to put the engineering effort into it.

    • OH YEH
      Debunk me point by point

    • So this must mean that the competitors have better systems/engineering because they don't need the OEM to tweak the drive for it to work properly?

    • Believe what you want to believe, I don't care.

    • It would be in violation of my non disclosure
      agreement to devulge any specific information, but the
      drives ARE tuned to work with the Avid system, to ensure
      maximum performance of the drive. I had seen cases where
      a change in Avid firmware enabled the same drive to
      do a higher resolution, so I'll leave it at that.
      The reason why it isn't an open system is simple. Why
      should Avid give away for free, to toher compnaies,
      software that costs Avid a lot of time and money to
      develop and test? Just so some other company can come
      along and undercut Avid on it's own drives, because the
      other company didn't have to put any time and $$ into
      the development? If Avid were going to do something
      like that they might as well not write code for the
      drives at all. Then of course all of the Avid customers
      would be calling support bitching because they were
      getting Video Underruns. Go figure. And btw, while the
      drive itself might be a generic Seagate Barracuda,
      Avid, unlike most other drive companies, installs a
      heavy duty power supply, fan, and noise reduction
      baffles into the heavy duty enclosure itself. So while
      the drive itself may be a Seagate you can by anywhere
      else, the chassis and other internal components,
      including the firmware are all proprietary high quality
      rugged components that go through a ton of testing.

    • they encode the firmware to say avid instead of ibm seagate etc.
      really high tech
      any drive will do
      if not why are media100 and others selling storage

    • Quite a title you've got yourself, Storage Guru.
      Well as an amatuer editor and former reseller, I've
      alway been curious why they weren't an open system so
      maybe you can enlighten me Mr. Storage Guru, on exactly
      what kind of modifications are done to Avids spec by
      the OEM?

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