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  • Looking4Value Looking4Value Apr 28, 2000 4:48 PM Flag

    As of 8:00 AM, S&P Futures are UP 5.7

    electroflyer, Your comments on the AVID BB
    demonstrate ignorance and stupidity. We can forgive you for
    your ignorance because people close to you say that is
    one of your natural traits. However, stupidity, which
    is an acquired negative flaw in your personality
    cannot be forgiven. Go back home to the Apple BB and
    demonstrate your ignorance and stupidity there, they all miss

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    • the truth hurts
      gvg got slammed
      ampex got
      cmx got slammed
      in 5 years video editing
      will be like word processing programs they will simply
      come with the box

      remember wang word processing

      or how about lynotype

      or upright

      avid has a great interface but the market will simply
      not let them charge 90,000 for 25,000 worth of
      hardware forever

      avid's best chance would be to be
      aquired and have the aquirer to
      blow out the software
      at consumer prices ie: under 1000.

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      • At NAB I saw that Avid has aggressive new
        management, is diversifying their product line, cutting
        overhead and continuing to provide excellent media
        creation tools at a wide variety of price levels. FCP
        'sounds' like a threat, but is very far from a
        professional editing machine.

        It is apparent from the
        majority of the posts on this board that few contributors
        have any idea what is going on at Avid or in their
        market space. And based on the poor grammar and
        spelling, one must wonder what level of intelligence is
        represented here. I would love to exchange thoughts with some
        of the brighter readers without having to slog
        through all the mindless, ill-informed banter.

        sure many of these individuals will now bash me before
        rushing off to other BBs to post more foul-mouthed
        personal insults and misinformation... oh, if they would
        only stay there. I'm afraid this is an indication of
        the kind of people who are driving the market crazy
        and making it so unpredictable. At any rate, don't
        count AVID out just yet. They have a strong market
        position and seem to be holding on to it quite well, while
        reaching for more.

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