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  • denver_art denver_art May 5, 2000 1:56 PM Flag

    Moron For Life

    not only does FCP support 601, but how about UNCOMPRESSED 1080i, where have you been?

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    • Jedi has obviously not been at the Apple site
      lapping up their exaggerated claims about FCP. Apple is
      somewhat liberal in it's claims to support uncompressed
      601 and 1080i. The demos at NAB were a carefully
      designed 'smoke and mirrors' affair.

      Do you think
      anyone is interested in a system that "supports" 1080i,
      with only 2 channels of audio and then drops frames
      constantly because it can't handle the bandwidth? They may
      get it working in the future, but for now it is all
      hype and very little reality.

      This is not a
      technical forum, so I'll be brief. Here is one reality of
      just DV25 in FCP... Final Cut Pro uses the Apple
      Quicktime DVcodec, which has inherent problems with
      luminance clamping and color shift that are easily
      noticeable during an effect, like a simple dissolve. To
      avoid those problems, you must purchase a different DV
      codec that doesn't exhibit these problems, such as the
      Digital Origin codec. Using the Digital Origin codec, the
      rendered effect quality is acceptable, but you then get
      dropped frames and underruns using it for final output.
      The solution is to switch back to the Apple codec in
      order to get reliable output to tape and live with the
      poor effect quality.

      Apple has hopes of
      capturing the professional market over time, but we'll see
      if Steve Jobs loses interest when he sees
      complications involved. It takes a lot of commitment over time
      to meet the demands of the broadcast industry. AVID
      is not in any immediate danger from FCP.

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      • to Avid. I thought that the idea of final cut was
        to go after the huge market defined by the direct to
        consumer video editors. (Wedding video, testemonials,
        retirement memorabilia, Local cable advertisements, recitals
        and kid stuff for schools) According to a recent Big
        Yellow ad. there are over 30,000 of these people in the
        wider New York metro area alone. If that number is
        accurate and if many of thees people are still doing SVHS
        and 3/4 tape to tape editing that is a big market.
        These editors will not spend $20K up for FAST or AVID.
        Many do more edits than the Broadcast editors do.
        (quality is another issue)

      • 2 months and ya it has some problems but nothing
        like this. The faults that I had where (standard
        keyboard commands) taken care of in ver 2.5.
        Steve Jobs
        is commited to FCP, have you noticed the investments
        Apple has made lately? they just bought Astarti (the
        premere DVD S/W people and moved there /engineers into
        Apple! Plus they are working with Sony, Masushita, and
        Cube to improve the DV throughput (not that its that
        bad now) But really are you still using DV25? I wont
        use it myself, my min is DV50 it has a much better

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