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  • Maple_Leaf17 Maple_Leaf17 May 6, 2000 7:53 AM Flag

    Moron For Life

    All you have doing on this board is to promote
    Apple's FC which needs to run on a Power PC machine. The
    rest of the PCs in the world, roughly 95% of them, run
    on WinTel machines.

    Fact: Professional
    editors prefer to use AVID products whether they run on
    Power PC machines or WinTel machines if they want
    professional results.

    Fact: Since there are 95% more
    WinTel machines in the world than Power PC machines, it
    was a natural choice for AVID to develop and release
    professional products to run on WinTel machines bsides running
    on Power PC machines.

    Fact: You have been
    crying about your children not being able to edit their
    videos from their camcorders. Some one has already
    provided you information in a previous note where support
    for Power PC machines and WinTel machines has been
    available for some time from AVID and AVID partners like
    Matrox (and for only a few hundred dollars). AVID has
    decided to no longer release future updates due to low
    profitability even though the product has a large user base and
    has won many technical awards.

    Fact: AVID is
    still the standard by which all competitor's products
    are judged.

    Fact: The Broadcasting,
    Entertainment, Industrial, Educational and Marketing
    organizations who want a professional productions still demand
    AVID products.

    Fact: AVID editors are still
    considered the cream of the crop and will outperform any
    other job applicant.

    Electroflyer, just who are
    you and what is your gig? It is quite obvious you are
    short on AVID but you don't speak the truth because you
    can't handle the truth. You showed your ignorance when
    you didn't even know that Apple was marketing AVID
    Cinema a few years ago to take care of your children's
    video editing needs.

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