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  • electroflyer electroflyer Jul 31, 2001 12:32 AM Flag

    Bow Wow

    After a long vacation I am back!!!
    Avid is F--KED UP Big time
    I have bought many systems from them over the years and just wanted to buy another and quess what? They are Raising Prices.
    Now Let Me See
    Stock in the Shitter
    Losing Money ( screw Ebitda ) and all their
    Softimage apologists
    Depressed Market for their Products
    And they raise prices JUST STUPID PLAIN DUM
    Now I will clue you idiots in why they are
    really in trouble
    There are just to many People who thought they
    could make a buck at this Video Editing Game
    and bought systems and you know what Now it's
    2 or 3 or 4 years later and they have found out
    it's just like driving a Taxi and want out
    The market is flooded with good cheap second hand equipment
    Don't beleive me check out and
    look at the classifieds
    This stupid shit company gives a free forum to people trying to sell their second hand systems
    I'm going to buy in at 5 because then it will be a takeover tarket
    It's their only hope

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    • Raising Prices? I heard that they have another upgrade program rolled-out at lower prices? What gives?

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      • In typical Avid Fashion They want to charge
        and insult their clients by giving all 10.0
        users free upgrades to 10.1 and then releasing
        10.5 two months later for 495.00
        Just a slap in the face to people who shelled out for 10.1
        They have also discontinued promotions running
        for 18 months Thus what was free for 18 months
        is now a 10 Grand option = price increase

        My advice Buy in at 5.00 it will go to 3.5
        then be taken over. A string of shitty management has really hurt this company
        Their best asset is the name trade name AVID
        Now i'm going to "review and approve"

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