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  • bclr1751 bclr1751 Aug 4, 2001 2:08 PM Flag

    Blown opportunity

    Avid has lived on their name for far too long, and is now being eaten from the feet up by competitors such as Apple, Discreet Logic, and even Adobe. I also read that a company called GVG signed a huge deal with NBC to provide editing systems. Was Avid in the running for that, or have they ever heard of NBC, or what? I remember that GVG had been written off for dead a few years back - how were they able to pull this off?

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    • A company called GVG
      you mean "Grass Valley Group"
      They made the best television equipment
      ever made. Their name was GOLDEN
      And you know what They Fucked up
      just like avid is doing now.
      The name only gives you a second chance.
      Avid is on chance # 3
      GVG was saved by the Profile Server- A true
      piece of broadcast gear.
      Avid does not have a "save the company" product
      I expect to see Avid at 5 bucks soon and then be taken over.

    • ...GVG was able to "pull this off" because Avid has a flawed sales model. One of my friends that is still with the company explained it this way: They have a reseller model, with an outside sales force and an inside sales force. Their resellers do nothing more than push paper and have Avid clean up after the mess they create. If they sell product directly then they still pay their resellers. I heard that one of their resellers is a training site for Avid AND they sell Final Cut Pro. They are laughing all the way to the bank at Avid's expense. Someone who used to work there also told me that the top US resellers are all comprised of former Avid salespeople. Their CEO has done nothing to change this. As far as the low end market - the epublisher product was supposed to help them enter that market and sell to new customers. So what do they do? Kill the product - great move!

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