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  • brookshanlon brookshanlon Aug 16, 2001 1:53 PM Flag

    Fingers crossed...

    ...spoken like a true insider! The big buys are back? Why would anyone buy this stock? Let's see, no low-end strategy to speak of.....losing market share to panicked after the first weak quarter (sure that makes Wall Street confident) when all we kept hearing about was the previous record-breaking quarters....slow sales at Digidesign.....180 people laid-off. Hope their senior management team has enough golden parachutes to go around.......What's happenning with the Trilligent Product? Any sales yet? Please answer these questions, thanks!

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    • On the other hand, Price/Book is under 2, Price/Sales is at .5, we know why they had a bad quarter, and when the economy comes back, they're going to be making money again, even if their competition takes off a bit of marketshare. They still have a big name, there's still a lot of growth opportunity overseas (and the dollar won't be going up forever), there's still a lot of opportunity in broadcast (which will switch to digital one of these days, even though they've been rediculously slow at doing so).

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      • > ...there's still a lot of growth opportunity overseas
        This is a nice idea, but I don't know where you get this from? I seem to remember Avid's release saying that they suffered especially badly in Europe, and I'm not sure where else you might be thinking of. So tell me, is this your hope, or is it based on facts?

        >...(and the dollar won't be going up forever)
        Sure, it can't go up for ever, but do you see it going down? I don't see any evidence for that in the coming quarters. In Europe the economy is getting worse, while my belief (from improving sales in the past 2-3 months) is that the US economy has started levelling. That leaves the US economy stronger than Europe for perhaps the next year. Asia/PacRim I don't know about future trends, just conflicting views, so I won't pretend to know on that score.

        No, I don't think you should expect Avid to be doing better overseas for a while. But I'm always willing to listen to facts and change my opinion...

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