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  • nothing_worthwhile nothing_worthwhile Aug 16, 2001 9:58 AM Flag

    Fingers crossed...

    Looks like maybe we've seen the bottom, eh? The sellers have sold, and the big money seems to be in the buys.

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    • ...spoken like a true insider! The big buys are back? Why would anyone buy this stock? Let's see, no low-end strategy to speak of.....losing market share to panicked after the first weak quarter (sure that makes Wall Street confident) when all we kept hearing about was the previous record-breaking quarters....slow sales at Digidesign.....180 people laid-off. Hope their senior management team has enough golden parachutes to go around.......What's happenning with the Trilligent Product? Any sales yet? Please answer these questions, thanks!

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      • On the other hand, Price/Book is under 2, Price/Sales is at .5, we know why they had a bad quarter, and when the economy comes back, they're going to be making money again, even if their competition takes off a bit of marketshare. They still have a big name, there's still a lot of growth opportunity overseas (and the dollar won't be going up forever), there's still a lot of opportunity in broadcast (which will switch to digital one of these days, even though they've been rediculously slow at doing so).

    • Only problem with XSI is that everyone gets it for free. That's the peril of announcing a product two years before it's ready for prime time - sales had to continue during that period, and to make them, free upgrades had to be put on the table.

    • Sounds like a winner - at least for you! Let's see, they pay for the booth, pay for the marketing, uncover the leads, and you make the sale - great model - hope it continues for you. As far as the market - are they selling down to people that would have bought more expensive systems? Or are these the people that they missed from the EPub Special Victims Unit? I can remember the last management team expecting to sell into the educational market with EPublisher over 2 years ago.

    • .....boy, you have way too much time on your hands. It must be from your having just finished the latest ground breaking 3-D project at some studio where there are 20 animators in a dark room with cubicles.....tell ya what, let's check back in about 9-12 months and see where XSI/Avid the editing business hits the wall for Avid (thanks Apple), the golden goose won't be laying the same eggs she used to, and that means more cuts......hmm, let me think, Digi or Soft? Place your bets now......

    • stick_avid_up_your_ass stick_avid_up_your_ass Aug 28, 2001 12:48 PM Flag

      Maybe someone could tell me if im wrong, but I thought XSI didnt go through the Avid sales channel ? I know Softimage has their own sales people for XSI but am not sure if this is worldwide.

      I hope they dont use Avid people as those guys are complete idiots and are hated by most people, Particularly theie own customers :).

      I think you are underestimating the power of workflow in the marketing and selling of a product. Effects houses will use the best tools for the job and if they decide that XSI can make their pipeline quicker or easier as well as maintaining quality then they will go with it.

      As I think someone mentioned in a earlier post most houses exclusivity contracts with Alias are coming to a close so they are free to shop around, and what with SGI's trouble maybe they will consider looking elsewhere. Also remember it will only take one major house to switch to XSI to make the others sit up and take notice.

      As always do your own research

    • Softimage is back??? Siggraph was a pathetic display of an industry where no one (except Alias Wavefront and a few choice smaller companies) is making any money. If Softimage were back, Avid wouldn't have laid off everyone in Montreal who had any idea about this , albeit lousy, business. Anyway, the real problem is that the day of the $20k 3-D seat is long gone, and Avid can't make a business of anything that has a low average selling price.....XSI will end up a plug-in to some other Avid box, just like Elastice Reality, matador and Illusion (remember those?)....but, do your own research

    • Gary,

      Trouble is, I think Avid's true (high-end professional) customers look at XDV and ask what the heck Avid are doing in that low-end area of the market? It makes those guys with money really wonder if Avid are really looking at their traditional customer base.

      No reflection on what you're doing - Avid have brought a good product to the active area of the market where you work (and do a good job with it too). I'm just not sure Avid can adjust the the rarified atmosphere. Their sales guys will look at the commission on XDV and consider it a rounding error. Now if they can get orders for 100 units at a time, that would be almost as good as one regular sale of a high-end system.

      Not convinced Avid can survive or thrive in the Pinnacle/Matrox domain without even more significant changes.

    • You sure sound like an insider "sane" guy. I Assume that you're working in Montreal, and you have a particular writing style that I think I've seen before - are you initials perhaps MS?

    • Dear woowie
      What about the laid off at Alias Wavefront? rumors are saying that even more laid off are plan for after Siggraph and IBC. SGI is trying to sell AW for approx 35M. Maya 4.0 is a disaster.

      Real indicators are showing Alias with a decline and that Softimage is growing. So strong that it may take over AVID. :-)

    • I assure you that softimage did not "layoff everyone who knew anything about this business", and to say so does a major disservice to those who have remained at soft because they are passionate about what they do (and not because it's a 'safe' job).

      For more information on SIGGRAPH (including look at Softimage) look here :

      Also some more on Softimage particularly here


      Also - you'll find Illusion technology leveraged in the most recent release of XSI also in terms of the built-in compositor.

      As woowieman says, I encoruage you to do your own research.

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