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  • health_trumps_wealth health_trumps_wealth Mar 27, 2008 12:03 PM Flag

    LDK militia----complain to SEC

    Looks to me like the LDK militia has a 'core' i.d. ldk300 who is in Jersey City and auto-posts under the following names:







    The SEC takes violations of Securities Laws such as spreading false information very seriously.

    PJC management should consider reporting the above poster(s) to the SEC.

    Again, i am willing to discuss LDK, but apparently that is not the goal of the LDK "militia".

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    • Wa wa wa, stop being a baby just because you're stock or company is tanking on its own poor decisions and crazy actions on solar stock shorting and sub prime mortgage positions. If anything,

      LDK is getting victimized by illegal naked shorting since October 16, last year. If anything SEC has been going after JBC with fines for naked shorting, like in July, 2007.

      Wasn't it a piper analyst who said:
      "I'm not one to believe that shorting can destroy a company," said Aaron Kessler, an Internet analyst for Piper Jaffray & Co. who covers Overstock. "I'd rather have management focus on the operation of a business."

      But 5 billion dollars plus and counting was awarded to Overstock and the defendents appeal was recently rejected by the supreme court. Piper continues to take an agressive and unwise postion on illegal naked shorting and sub prime mortgages as we speak. FBI is involved big time on the sub prime mortgages and CIA on international naked shorting rings. Unbelievable stupidity. SEC is not the only player here on these scams, wake up.

    • hi neighbors...

      thought you were to continue with me with fact finding discussions, oh well,

    • nice. let's get more attention from the sec on pjc.

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