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  • BIDupBID BIDupBID Apr 15, 1999 11:47 AM Flag

    Evermake-quit the spamming.

    Are they going to be like netbank?

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    • Here's the deal with AMPBB. It's a small little
      bank in the middle of a state with a small population
      (OREGON). Now, it has a very low PE ratio, less than 10 to
      1. Also, earnings have been steadily improving over
      the last few quarters. The low PE ratio makes this
      stock a buy.

      Now the best parts: low float of
      100,000 shares and no internet announcement yet. It is
      only a matter of time when AMPBB management will make
      some sort of announcement. When they do... look out!
      Take a glance at ATLB, FLBK, or IAAC to see what will

      This is the way to make money in the market. Throw
      some capital at companies who have not yet announced
      internet plans, but more than likely will in the near
      future. Daytraders are going to love this one, once the
      word gets out. You see, the small float enables the
      price to skyrocket, which daytraders love. So do the
      shorts. Brings more interest to the company, and an
      increase in share price.

      Remember this post. I
      don't know when there will be an announcement, but it
      will come. I am going to be patient and will slowly
      accumulate even more shares until the day of

      Anyone looking to make a quick buck off this one should
      start spamming other boards. A friend told me about
      this one, and wow, it looks like a beautiful
      investment. What's the most you can lose? Only 4 points.
      Trust me, the upside could be 50-100 points. Be
      patient, and wait for some good news.

      keep those earnings coming!

      This is all
      speculation on my part and do your own research before
      placing any investment.