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  • tannsun tannsun Dec 1, 2011 9:33 AM Flag


    was listening to squawk or Fast or one of those shows last night and they were sayin how cheap the Canadian Producers are and they envision them getting picked off 1 by 1 in the near futre by large Chinese Firms. Personally Id like self growth and get us back in the 20s cause a buyout might bring high teens. Our ace in the hole though is Parent Petrbank owns more than 50% so they can always so no. Got to love that

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    • I would not be against a buyout only because we are always at the mercy of the world ecconomy and markets and as you know if things go bad every thing will go down.The old saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'

    • Do not ignore that the value of PBN's Cardium land has risen more than 3 times since they bought it in late 2009-early 2010. As you may know, PBN.TO acquired 4 Cardium companies that period when all were very hesitant to invest in the risky Cardium formation.

      Some laughable "guru" also accused PBN mgmt of overpaying to acquire these 4 companies.

      The initially "risky" Cardium formation has been de-risked since the second half of 2010 when all the Cardium wells for all the Cardium companies showed a 100% success with great drilling results. PBN's cardium land value has risen more than 3 times since late 2009 when PBN bought it.
      Where are these "guru" now ?

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