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  • cantquitnow cantquitnow Mar 26, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    Why is this stock so low?

    Just looking at MS data, forward P/E of PBKEF is less than half that of BNPUF, FRLHF and BTE. Similarly for P/B, P/S and P/CF. What is going on -- is it time to load up?? How does the debt compare between these 4 companies?

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    • i dont think canada has much regulation they probably did not know they would need it but with global age the stock brokers can manipulate prices of any thing pbn is a real co paying a very high divi do not be fooled by the gamers buy more at the bargain prices

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    • This share price would probably benefit from moving from the OTC to a bigger board. Some people won't look at stocks from the OTC. The price its selling at I don't think is a reflection of the company but a lack of buyers for the volume.

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      • I always find it amusing when people say this about Canadian stocks listed on the TSE.
        It's like the Canadian stock exchange doesn't count for some reason. I guess major European and Japanese companies which don't have a NYSE listing will also be doomed to perpetual under valuation?
        For PBN, if the price on the TSE rises, the US listing will follow it (subject to exchange rate variations).

      • Petrobakken trades the bulk of it's shares on the Toronto stock exchange(TSE) symbol PBN. Average daily volume for PBN is 838,000 shares on the TSE. I believe there is a very large number of shares sold short in PBN and the shares are manipulated by the short holders to a very large degree. I believe the run to $9.50/share was a mini-short sqeeze. One of the larger short positions on the TSE decided to cover and as a consequence there was a brief pop in the price per share. As the price of oil continues to rise the remaining shorts will have to follow suit, although of late they have been able to walk the price back down. I will be buying the short report from the TSE next week to see exactly how many shares of PBN are officially sold short and will provide that information next week. Best of Luck.


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    • No idea either. Especially with the dividend. I reloaded at $8.40 a few weeks back.

    • I am also not sure why PBN isn't liking the nice oil price and the shrinking of the light oil differential for western canadian light oil.

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