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  • mathias_thorsen mathias_thorsen Oct 18, 2009 4:47 AM Flag

    Scary place to work?

    I read some very bad reviews about USA Truck Inc. at It sounds like a scary place to work. Do you agree?

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    • pk.josh Aug 26, 2011 9:06 PM Flag

      if u drive for them. all u ever get from them will be frustration and anger because drivers are worth nothing in their eyes. night dispatch is a failure. very impolite and very unprofessional and he provides no help to drivers at night.

      u will get loads going to up state new york with cheap flat rate. beers, recycle paper, nasty aluminum, u name it. lot of sweeping and cleaning from the last driver who did not do their job right.

      trailers got lot of problems sitting on cutomer's yard. 70% of top customers said that USA trailers are problematic.

      driver lounges are nasty. often see confused drivers wondering around with empty rooms in there terminals because nobody cares to answer anything after 5pm...

      if u call to their phone driver hotline for help, it takes at least 30 mins for someone to pick up the phone and tell u something useless.

      you will often pick up a load for another driver to take home. your paid miles will be 30 miles. you then sit for hours before you get your next load.

      this company is very unorganized and full of crooks. stay away from USA trucks.

    • You are very right. They have MAJOR turnover problems with drivers and dispatch. Last I heard they cant even keep up with the driver loses at this point. They keep losing more drivers then they can hire. They are desperate for trainers to train new drivers. This is a company in real big trouble.

    • Companies like this make our roads unsafe. They pay such low wages that thier new drivers quit once they figure out they arent making any money.

    • okie.45 Oct 9, 2010 5:27 PM Flag

      i wouldnt work for those s o b's again

    • Sure is. Drivers are quitting in droves. Poor pay, they jack you around on expenses, they cheat you out of miles, and their dispatchers don't know shit from shinola. As of yesterday, 35 drivers quit in Vandalia.

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