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  • seanaveryoilers seanaveryoilers Aug 3, 2012 10:21 PM Flag

    I made over 45K this week thanks LONGS!

    STEEM A.K.A. LONGBEACH and the others LOST Their shirts and now are silent trying to figure out what this million share down 5% day on a huge uptick in the market means to them. It means when Officers and the CEO buy shares of PSUN it is just a tax write off to them. As they make millions a year it is a drop in the bucket to them. Like giving to charity. Or playing the lottery, if somehow the stock hits then it is free money for them. GL with that. I will see you guys at .33 cents like I said before. You guys need to admit now that you where wrong about this flying through 2.30, 2.50 and 3 bucks. WAKE UP! You already know how this ends like last March, Last December, when they said we are closing all these stores BOOM........... Stock goes from 1.88 to 1.48........... If you don't believe this check the charts, the balance sheets the books and then lets talk. .33 CENTS people! Here we go blast off....

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