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  • jennifercueball jennifercueball Aug 15, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Easiest stock to short........ This has gone down 35% in a month!

    Easy money I'm not cashing in till it goes to two bucks,
    The new collection means nobody buys Kendall and Kylie, they are two little
    spoiled brats that don't appeal to teanage girls in the inner city.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Whats going on. No trades for 2 hours. Maybe it will open up at $2.00, maybe not I think Watson. Is somebody trying to buy a bunch of this stock? New high after earnings looks pretty good.

    • What do you I said yesterday it was a great time to buy. There are so few market makers on this stock that when sellers come in, they take it down crazy. However, they will not let people accumulate many shares without paying through the nose. I don't know what the sales will look like for this company in the past quarter. I do know that the move above $5.00 will be strong. It will happen either very soon, if earning beat, or it will take til the next quarter. Either way this stock is a winner for the next 6 to 8 months. Get on board for a 50 to 70 % move before late January of 14. Management has finally got it together, cost are under control, and very important....there is very little stock in weak hands. The main insider is very careful not to have this stock run and then be broken. He has a track record, remember Pier One...............

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      • kbarake Aug 21, 2013 4:47 AM Flag

        Do you think this stock is overvalued??? I was reading that most analysts think that... This stock was run all the way from 1.5 or so to 4.5 when showing nothing but big fat losses... And they are gonna show another loss a week from Friday... If they show a profit, they will definitely go up, but I don't think they will... Considering that they reported slow sales in may and June, what makes you think they will show a profit??? I think they are gonna tank... But next quarter is gonna be good due to everyone shopping in August for school cloth etc... They didn't show a loss that quarter last year... But I am just posting the obvious... I am not a technical trader, I just run with common sense and did a big short option... I guess I am basically posting this because anyone buying a stock reporting slow sales, massive losses every year, and already ran up almost triple the price it was at before it ever shows any profit is crazy... For those of you that are buying right now... I hope you don't mind the massive loss you are gonna take when that report comes out, you might make it back next quarter... If you are lucky... But I think it's gonna get beaten down to 2 bucks so I am guessing not...

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • $4.59 was the high. Up almost 200% during the past year. If u know anything about this stock and its trading patterns, it had to go down before the next leg up. This is a great time to buy. Stock will be 60% higher in 6 to 8 months. A true turn around story. When it has been going down this past month, always on low volume. For short term trader, yes, it was a great short at $4.50, no place to go but down. Here, right now, is a great time to buy. Mark my words. Oh yeah it could be down another 5% this week, but for an investor this is a golden opportunity.

    • No, it hasn't gone down 35% in a month. But, hilarious to hear you think that they have a bunch of inner city stores! I'd tell you to look at what's going on with Brandy Melville, but shorts on message boards don't care about real facts, so good luck with whatever goal you had by posting this.

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      • kbarake Aug 16, 2013 2:45 AM Flag

        I am just an engineer, not a technical trader,I go with the gut and am usually right. I think they had a #$%$ may and June sales, but did good in July... Is it enough to make up for bad sales in may and June, plus make up all the difference in losses that they have been showing the same quarter last year...they showed a total of like 17.5 million in losses this quarter last year. With less stores do you think they sold enough merchandise to pass up last years sales by 17.5 million. That is a stretch... But time will tell... I have 25k saying probably not... And I am not putting this up to scare or manipulate anything... Because I basically don't know what I am doing and very lucky I guess... But just posting my opinion... I think they might be starting to turn things around... But no where near enough to hold this stock up at this price or show a profit this quarter...

      • Stock is down almost 30% the past month actually, They just announced a 8/29/13 conference call
        sounds like bad news if you read between the lines and the stock price high that was almost $4.60 now down almost a buck in a month! Do the math!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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