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  • rickpudlo rickpudlo Jul 5, 1998 9:25 PM Flag


    man, I'm ticked! I bought this "cool" shirt, take
    it home, wear it a couple of times, and then all of
    the sudden it gets these little fuzzy things on the
    back. I'm not talking about a little bit, these things
    were everywhere. Now I ca'nt wear it. Thanks for
    ripping me off Pacific Sunwear.

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    • You can check details of insider selling by
      clicking profile below this message and then clicking
      insider trading.

      From March 31, 1998 until 60 days
      after, was the exercise date for the officers of their
      97 options. No directors or officers of the company
      on the board have sold any shares since then.
      Earlier this year Greg Weaver, CEO did sell some shares
      but it looks like he was funding a living

      Other officers of the company that did sell:

      Carl Womack, CFO sold 10,000 and still has options on
      2. Gary Hunt, VP Product Development
      sold 3,750 shares and still has options on 19,485
      3. Robert Entersz, VP of Merchandising sold all of
      his 1,719 optionable shares. A guess but perhaps he
      is building a house or putting a child in
      4. Shelley Smith, VP of Real Estate exercised and
      sold 5,000 shares. Don't know how many she has.
      Larry Fesler, VP Stores optioned and sold 3,516 shares.
      Don't know how many he has either.

      Remember that
      many company officers receive options as part of their
      total compensation plan. Options are often exercised to
      raise cash for new cars, houses, kids in college,
      funding trusts, etc, etc. The ones that sold aren't key
      in the board operations. Like many of us they are
      probably living a little hand to mouth.

      Can't give
      a closer explanation than that. Will say that which
      was sold represents 3.7% of the shares now held by
      the directors and officers so I believe its fairly

      Good luck,

    • I recently bought a few calls in PSUN because my
      stock analyst who is among the best in the world
      recommended it to me. Buy yourself a few calls and sit back
      and watch your wrath subside as your bankroll grows
      exponentially. Buy in the money several months out. My guy
      misses some but I don't think this one will fail because
      it looks too good everywhere I look. Your posting is
      the only real negative I've seen and I am sure the
      company would want to make it all right with you. Good

    • Rickpudlo,

      Try taking the shirt back to
      the store you bought it from. Explain the fuzzy thing
      problem. Most likely they will replace your shirt. Or call
      the custmer relations for PSUN. Until then only you
      have ripped yourself off. PSUN is a great company
      built on quailty.

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